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Acoustical Plaster Finish

For quiet elegance, turn to the sound-rated ceiling spray texture that dries to an elegant, natural white finish. USG Acoustical Plaster Finish is an exclusive, sound-rated interior spray-applied texture finish for ceilings and other noncontact surfaces over basecoat plaster, concrete, metal decks, and gypsum panels. USG Acoustical Plaster Finish is designated Class A for surface flame spread per ASTM E1042-85. It offers the advantages of a dramatic texture finish with acoustical absorption. USG Acoustical Plaster Finish is ideal for new construction, as well as for repair and remodeling projects. It is easy to use and mixes with water at the job site. USG Acoustical Plaster Finish is a setting-type plaster product that is designed to be applied by standard plaster spray application techniques. For a successful, trouble-free application, all product directions must be followed, and the recommended equipment must be used.

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  • Acoustic

  • Wet Area


  • Designed for new construction, repair and remodeling
  • Rated for sound absorption and surface burning characteristics
  • Easy spray application
  • Dries to an attractive natural white finish
  • Product data:
    • Color: White.
    • Filler: Calcium sulfate.
    • Dilution (Water): 13.5 L / 13.5kg.
    • Coverage:
      Dried Thickness= 6mm; kg/m2= Approx. 0.12
      Dried Thickness= 12mm; kg/m2= Approx. 0.06
      Dried Thickness= 25mm; kg/m2= Approx. 0.02
    • Coverage range shown here should be considered an estimate. Actual coverage can vary based on factors such as amount of dilution of product, spray techniques and procedures, uniformity of coating and condition of substrate surface (e.g., coverage may be less on rough, uneven and/or high-suction surfaces).
    • Drying Time: At 6mm thickness under 75%/50% R.H. condition, surface should dry in approx. 1-2 days; total drying should occur in 3-5 days, depending upon ventilation. Application must be dry before painting.
    • Weight of dried application: 0.06 kg/m2 at 12mm thickness.
    • Sound Absorption (ASTM C423 Test Procedure):
      Mounting Per ASTM E795
      Concrete: A; Nominal Thickness: 6mm; 125: 0.01; 250: 0.15; 500: 0.01; 1000: 0.35; 2000: 0.71; 4000: 0.85; NRC: 0.35
      Mounting Per ASTM E795
      Concrete: A; Nominal Thickness: 12mm; 125: 0.02; 250: 0.37; 500: 0.02; 1000: 0.75; 2000: 0.85; 4000: 0.79; NRC: 0.55
      Mounting Per ASTM E795
      Concrete: A; Nominal Thickness: 25mm; 125: 0.04; 250: 0.6; 500: 0.04; 1000: 1.01; 2000: 1.07; 4000: 1; NRC: 0.75
      Gypsum Panels: D90; Nominal Thickness: 6mm; 125: 0.35; 250: 0.2; 500: 0.15; 1000: 0.4; 2000: 0.63; 4000: 0.67; NRC: 0.35
      Gypsum Panels: D90; Nominal Thickness: 12mm; 125: 0.55; 250: 0.2; 500: 0.28; 1000: 0.65; 2000: 0.88; 4000: 0.86; NRC: 0.5
    • Estimated NRC over conventional plaster systems is 0.55 at 12mm nominal thickness.
    • Light Reflectance (ASTM C523 Test Procedure): 72.
    • Compressive Strength: >600psf per ASTM 761-92 in-house testing at Corporate Innovation Center - Libertyville, Illinois.
    • Storage: Shelf life up to 6 months under protected storage conditions. Close opened bags so that they are as airtight as possible. Store in a dry place.
    • Packaging: 13.5 kg.

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