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A wide selection of premium products in various sizes and shapes are offered by USG ME Beadex® Brand Paper-Faced Metal Drywall Bead and Trim to satisfy every decorating requirement. USG ME Beadex® Brand Paper-Faced Metal Drywall Bead and Trim is made of a robust paper tape laminated to a strong, rust-resistant metal form. It is resistant to edge cracking and chipping. The coated paper tape covering guarantees excellent joint compound adhesion for a sturdy, flawless finish. With the tape-on types, there is no need for nailing, which facilitates installation and precise corner alignment while preventing nail pops. Long-lasting beauty and affordable installation are both provided by superior performance.


USG Beadex® Brand Paper-Faced Metal Drywall Bead and Trim is backed by a 30-year warranty. When applied to a sound structure using recommended application techniques, we warrant that this product will not edge crack for the lifetime of the structure. Note that inside off set corners applied horizontally and nail-on paper-faced bead cannot be guaranteed against edge cracking.


SAR 1.00
In stock
  • Rust Resistant

  • Sturdy



Beadex Paper Faced Metal Drywall Bead And Trim features

  • Create beautiful, problem-free corners economically
  • Fast, easy application reduces labor costs
  • Crack resistance decreases costly callbacks
  • Paper covering ensures smooth, attractive corners
  • Variety of styles permits design flexibility
  • Backed by a lifetime warranty


Beadex Paper Faced Metal Drywall Bead And Trim applications

  • Drywall assemblies

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