Clear-cut budgetary quotations

Clear-cut budgetary quotations

Did you know that according to AIA, 88% of architects say that building relationships with manufacturers is important to their professional success?

One of the best ways to do this is to develop relationships with the right companies. And this is one of our main values to collaborate with the market stakeholder. Because of this, USG Middle East gave it all to determine what architects want from building materials manufacturers.

Here is what we find: 

● Architects want a partner they can trust.
● Architects want a partner that can supply an integrated range of interior and exterior products.
● Architects need a manufacturer to be flexible.
● Architects want a knowledgeable manufacturer.

Architectural services you need and USG Middle East provide

Collaborating with us is best way to ensure that a project will be designed and built according to plan. Because we focus on what the architect is truly looking for, that’s why always succeed. The architectural services we provide is:

● Help during the project's early stages.
● Customized technical submittals.
● Project study 
● Identifying the best suitable wall assemblies and ceiling systems for any project at any scale.
● Specifications writing and review for design in professional formats as per the architect demand such as CSI format. 
● Technical support throughout the project duration.
● Installation supervision 
● We provide a diverse product choice, world-class technology, field-tested performance, and hands-on technical support.

With over 334 UL assemblies for walls and ceilings, we are proud of our longstanding relationship with building design professionals. USG ME is 100% committed to delivering innovative building systems designed to deliver real advantages in design & specification.

Tired of budgetary quotations?

We can submit budgetary quotations that will help your clients make a GO or NO-GO decision. To create the budgetary quotation, you will need to have a reasonable idea of the demolition involved, ceiling systems, volume of new wallboards, and finish level (walls and ceilings treatment, wall coverings, ceiling, etc.) 

That's a little tiresome and time-consuming, right?

That's why we deprive architects and designers we collaborate of this pain. When our company provides budgetary quotations, they are not a rough guess!  

We break down the budgetary quotation by product and show our assumptions and their associated costs. 

In this way, they have a fairly good idea of the project's cost and can make some intelligent decisions about the feasibility, scope, or specifications of the project. Of course, we help with FEED projects, too. 

Our specs teams are scattered within the MENA region and know all about the building materials industry. Our commitment to innovation is driven by a desire to enable architects and designers to build better structures that inspire the way buildings are designed and constructed.

Trusted partnerships lead to success 

USG Middle East can be your trusted partner in the MENA region. Because, when it comes to building, it's more than just working with products that you can trust. It's working with people whom you can trust, too. 

We are flexible and responsive, and you will know that you have your back when you need it the most.

That's why when you work with USG Middle East; you'll soon realize our word is as rock-solid as our products. Being open, honest, respectful, and authentic in all our dealings isn't just good business. It's a cornerstone of how we do business.

During all a project's stages, we can help you write the specifications, prepare budgeting quotations, and provide a diverse product choice.

Check for our specifications and technical services for architects and contact our specification team now.