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Imperial® Veneer Finish

Imperial veneer finish is a high-strength veneer plaster designed for single-coat application over Imperial gypsum base, or as a high-strength finish over veneer or conventional high-strength sanded basecoats. Applied in 1.5mm to 0.75mm thicknesses, it is formulated for hand application. It produces a hard, 3,000 Psi compressive strength, abrasion-resistant finished surface. Imperial veneer finish may be used in one-coat work or as a finish over Imperial® brand veneer basecoat in two-coat work, or as a finish over Diamond® brand veneer basecoat applied to either Durock® brand cement board or Fiberock® brand abuse-resistant panels treated with USG™ plaster bonder. Smooth-trowel or texture finishes are recommended. Imperial veneer finish over Imperial or Diamond veneer basecoats should be selected when very high surface hardness and abrasion resistance is desired in a two-coat veneer system. Though easily textured, smooth-coat finishing is achieved by ensuring that the initial application is completed with minimal lap marks and voids, as this product’s hardness makes it difficult to remove blemishes and cat faces during final troweling. Also suitable as a finish applied to job-sanded Structo-Base® brand gypsum plaster to provide the ultimate in surface hardness with conventional plaster assemblies.

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  • High Strength Veneer

  • Wet Area


  • For strong, abrasion-resistant interior finishes
  • Durable and stable: Imperial® brand veneer finish offers the durability needed in high-traffic areas.
  • Economical construction: Substantial savings in finishing materials and application time.
  • Fast finishing: Imperial veneer finish is usually ready for next-day decoration with a latex-based breather-type paint.
  • Provides non combustibility: When used with Imperial® brand gypsum base, Imperial plaster systems provide fire-resistant construction.
  • Product data:
    • Coverage: Imperial veneer finish covers approximately 360-410 m2 per metric ton of plaster.
    • Compliance with Standards: Imperial veneer finish meets ASTM Designation C587.
    • Warning: Store all Imperial gypsum base, Fiberock abuse-resistant panels and Durock cement board flat.
    • Panels are heavy and can fall over, causing serious injury or death. Do not move unless authorized.
    • Storage: Store material in a cool, dry place. Avoid direct sunlight. Maintain temperature above 4°C.
    • Shelf Life: Up to 6 months under protected storage conditions. Rotate stock.
    • Packaging: Imperial veneer finish is available in 22.7 kg bags.

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