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LOGIX™ Acoustical Ceiling

By incorporating the lights and utilities into your ceiling layout, you can transform them into gorgeous design components. The LOGIX™ Integrated System blends outstanding performance with eye-catching graphic design components. With this adaptable and ecologically friendly solution, you can adhere to construction regulations while also giving your ceiling a sleek, contemporary look that is perfect for almost any commercial interior. 


With USG ME's LOGIX™ Integrated Ceiling Systems, you can design ceilings that adhere to building codes without being restricted by the limitations of conventional acoustical ceilings. By concentrating these fixtures in small channels, Logix turns visual irritants like lighting, air vents, and other utilities into striking design components. This enables open ceilings that create a clean, monolithic, custom look with standard components and are unencumbered by ceiling utilities. 


Numerous 100-mm, 150-mm, and 300-mm luminaires and utilities are compatible with Logix. 


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  • Anti-Mold & Mildew

  • Fire Resistant

  • Sag Resistance



LOGIX™ Acoustical Ceiling features

  • Turn your ceilings lighting and utilities into stunning design elements by integrating them into your ceiling plan with the Logix™ system 
  • Monolithic, structured ceiling visual using standard components, available in Mineral Fiber, Soft Fiber and Metal 
  • Designed to be compatible with a wide selection of 150mm,200mm, 250mm and 300mm utilities and in various module sizes 
  • Exceptional sound absorption with NRC values up to 1 based on the ceilings’ substrate material 
  • High light-reflective finish reduces light fixtures and energy use 
  • Washable & scrubbable finish 
  • Impact & scratch resistant 
  • The Logix™ system is available in different configurations. Refer to our “How To Plan Logix System” datasheet 


LOGIX™ Acoustical Ceiling applications 

  • Corridors 
  • Hospitals 
  • Educational facilities 
  • Governmental facilities 


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