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Sheetrock Brand Glass Mat Panels Mold Tough

USG Sheetrock® Brand Glass-Mat Panels Mold Tough™ are high performance interior panels for new construction or renovation work. The panels have a non-combustible moisture- and mold-resistant core encased in a moisture-resistant fiberglass mat that sheds water and features tapered long edges for easy finishing. The facer mat is colored to match traditional drywall and is engineered to accept the application of USG finishing systems. The back mat features USG ’s distinctive green color. The 15.9mm Firecode™ X is UL Classified for fire resistance and can be used in any UL designs where Type SGX panels are listed.

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  • Low Voc

  • Moisture Resistant

  • Mold Resistant

  • Water Resistant


  • High-performance Interior Wall Panels with Moisture and Mold Resistance
  • Suitable for use in pre-dry-in and similar applications of wallboard before the building envelope is fully enclosed (ie: semi-exposed, or when the facade or roof is not fully enclosed)
  • For use in interior applications where glass-mat gypsum panels are desired
  • Features an inorganic fiberglass face and back
  • Can be used in protected exterior soffit applications
  • Scores and snaps easily for quick installation
  • Installs and finishes similar to standard drywall
  • UL Classified as to fire resistance, surface-burning characteristics and non-combustibility
  • Product data:
    • Thickness: 12.7 mm
    • Lengths and Width: 1220x2440 mm
    • Weight, nominal: 9.8 kg/m2
    • Linear expansion with moisture change, in mm/ mm %RH: 6.25 x 10-6"
    • Coefficient of thermal expansion, (mm/°C): 15.3 x 10-6
    • Flexural strength, parallel, lbf. (N): >80 (356)
    • Flexural strength, perpendicular, lbf. (N): >100 (444)
    • R Value2, ft2·°F·hr/BTU (m2·K /W): 0.5
    • Combustibility: Non-combustible
    • Nail pull resistance, lbf. 3, 4 (N): >80 (356)
    • Hardness core, edges and ends, lbf. (N): >15 (67)
    • Water absorption (% of weight): <5
    • Surface water absorption: <1.6 grams
    • Surface burning characteristics (per ASTM E 84 or CAN/ULC-S102): flame spread/smoke developed: 0/0
    • Humidified deflection, mm: <6.4
    • Bending radius, mm: 2440

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