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Sheetrock® Brand Acoustical Sealant- Pail

USG Sheetrock® Brand Acoustical Sealant is an acrylic, latex-based sound caulk for use as a sealant in fire-rated partitions, smoke barriers and sound-rated assemblies.
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  • Acoustic


  • Excellent sound-flanking material (supports high STC ratings)
  • Superior performance as a fire caulk in UL Classified joint and through-penetration firestop systems
  • Ideal for use in smoke and/or sound assemblies
  • Meets ASTM C834 specifications for latex sealants
  • Grade -18°C low temperature flexibility, strong bond
  • Low VOC
  • Product data:
    • Testing and Classification: Meets ASTM C834 Standard Specification for Latex-Based Sealing Compounds tested in accordance with ASTM C731, ASTM C732, ASTM C734, ASTM C736, ASTM D2202, ASTM D2203 and ASTM D2377. Also tested in accordance with ASTM E84 (surface-burning characteristics), ASTM E90 (sound tests) and ASTM E1966 (fire-resistant joint systems). ASTM E814 (through-penetration firestop systems). Surface-Burning Characteristics: 0/0 (flame spread/smoke developed)
    • Color: Off-white
    • Solids: 73% ± 3%
    • Weight: 1.6Kg/L in container
    • pH: 8.5–9.5
    • VOC: 15 g/L
    • Shelf Life: One year (in original, unopened container) under good storage practices.
    • Coverage (approximate): 26 linear meter. of 6.5mm bead/850ml (29 oz.) cartridge.; 11 linear meter. of 9.5mm bead/850ml (29 oz.) cartridge.; 6.7 linear meter of 12.7mm bead/850ml (29 oz.) cartridge.; 3.3 linear meter of 16mm bead/850ml (29 oz.) cartridge; 120 linear meter 6.5mm bead/3.8L (1 gal.); 55 linear meter of 9.5mm bead/3.8L (1 gal.); 30 linear meter of 12.7mm bead/3.8L (1 gal.)
    • Packaging: 850 ml cartridge; 18.9 L pail.
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