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Clean Room™ Acoustical Ceiling - CLX625

Designed for clean-room environment, these acoustic false ceiling panels are adhere to ISO Cleanroom Standard and sag-resistant.
  • Have an embossed, vinyl-laminated face with sealed back and edges for use in Class 100 (Clean Room™ NonPerforated pattern cross reference to Class 5 per ISO 14644-1) or 10M-100M clean rooms as per Federal standard 209E for Classification by Airborne particles
  • Available in multi perforation pins option for acoustics areas with high humidity resistant performance and antimold, mildew growth
  • Made with Fire code base materials to meet life safety codes
  • Classified HRC panels (High Recycled Content) which is greater than 50%
  • Recommended to be used with CE grid (gasketed tee flanges) for Hospitals Laboratories and Hospitals General Areas
  • Certified USDA bio based product requirements for food processing areas where Clean Room™ has achieved both Bio-Preferred initiatives: Federal Procurement Preference and Certified Product Labeling
  • Cleanroom classified, meets Federal Spec. 209E for nonperforated “Clean Room™ and work station Requirements, controlled environment”
  • Washable, scrubbable resistance
  • High humidity resistant and anti-mold, mildew growth
Physical Properties
  • Materials Classification: Type: X, Form: 2, Pattern: C, G, I
  • Substrate and Surface Finish: Embossed Vinyl-faced with field cut-edges sealed with water-based paint
  • Thickness: 15mm, 19mm
  • Size: 600 x 600mm, 610 x 610mm, 600 x 1200mm, 610 x 1220mm
  • Edge Detail Trim: Square
  • Weight: 15mm [5.25 kg/m², Fire Code], 19mm [6.65 kg/m², Fire Code]
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient [NRC]: [0.1] [0.65]
  • Ceiling Attenuation Class [CAC]: [37 dB] [38 dB]
  • Clean Room Classification as per ISO 14644-1: ISO 5
  • Mold Prevention Application as per ASTM D3273: Inherent to Mold/Mildew growth
  • Humidity Resistance: Maximum 99% RH / 40°C for ClimaPlus
  • Light Reflectance Coefficient [LR]: [0.79] [0.80]
  • Color: White similar to RAL 9016
  • Surface Burning Characteristics as per ASTM E84: Class A, Flame Spread: 25, Smoke development 45
  • Reaction to Fire as per EN 13501-1: Euroclass A2-S1,D0
  • Fire Rating as per ASTM E119: 3hrs Time-Rated Assembly [D218]
  • Thermal Resistance: 15mm [0.23 m² °K/W - R 1.3], 19mm [0.31 m² °K/W - R 1.8]
  • Washability / Scrubbability as per ASTM D4828 & D2486: Exceeds 1000 Wash/Scrub cycles without surface break or the extent of abrasion
  • VOC Class: Green Guard Gold
  • Relevant LEED Credit: EA Credit 1 | MR Credit 4| MR Credit 5 | MR Credit 6 | IEQ Credit 3 | IEQ Credit 3.2 | IEQ Credit 4.6 | IEQ Credit 8.1 | IEQ Credit 9
Applications as per 2018 FGI guidelines
  • Class 1 MRI & Imaging Rooms
  • Food Preparation
  • Food Storage
  • Hydro-therapy Rooms
  • Laboratories
  • Laundry Areas
  • Pharmacies



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