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Mars™ Acoustical Ceiling - 86350

Offering a combination of sustainable aesthetics and outstanding performance, Mars Acoustic False Ceiling Panels are specially manufactured to maximize sound control and anti-sag performance.
  • Due to numerous properties, it is convenient for multiple usage in HealthCare application and Open Plan Offices
  • Non-directional, monolithic visual which reduces installation time and offers Industry’s highest light reflectance LR 0.89 to reduce light fixtures and energy use as a part of Indirect lighting
  • Washable and scrubbable finish resistance, impact and scratch resistant for a durable and cleanable surface
  • Mars HealthCare features with Water repellent membrane designed to be durable and safe with common disinfectants
  • Available in High NRC formulation up to 0.8 and in optimized recycled content formulations to help maximize LEED recycled content contribution
  • Acoustics and cleanability exceed FGI guidelines for healthcare applications and Achieves FDA standards for smoothness, durability and cleanability. It assists also in addressing HIPPA standards for sound control in healthcare facilities
  • ClimaPlus 30-year lifetime system warranty against visible sag, mold and mildew
  • Meets USDA/FSIS guidelines for use in food processing areas
  • Available in Plank size, FLB edges compatible with Logix Integrated Ceiling System
Physical Properties
  • Materials Classification: Type: IV Form: 1 or 2, Pattern: E, G
  • Substrate and Surface Finish: Mineral Fiber Substrate manufactured in wet Felted and X Technologies and finished with painted fiberglass scrim
  • Thickness: 19mm, 22mm
  • Size: 610 x 610mm, 610 x 1220mm, 610 x 1520mm
  • Edge Detail Trim: Square, Reveal [SLT, FLB]
  • Weight: 19mm [5.2 kg/m²], 22mm [6 kg/m²]
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient [NRC]: [0.75] [0.8] [0.85]
  • Ceiling Attenuation Class [CAC]: [35 dB]
  • Mold Prevention Application as per ASTM D3273: Rate 10
  • Humidity Resistance: Maximum 95% RH / 40°C for ClimaPlus
  • Light Reflectance Coefficient [LR]: 0.9
  • Color: White similar to RAL 9016
  • Surface Burning Characteristics as per ASTM E84: Class A, Flame Spread: 25, Smoke development: 50
  • Reaction to Fire as per EN 13501-1: Euroclass A2-S1,D0
  • Thermal Resistance: 19mm [0.30 m² °K/W], 22mm [0.0.34 m² °K/W, R-2.2]
  • Washability / Scrubbability as per ASTM D4828 & D2486: Exceeds 1000 Wash/Scrub cycles without surface break or the extent of abrasion upon request
  • Relevant LEED Credit: EA Credit 1 | MR Credit 4| MR Credit 5 | MR Credit 6 IEQ Credit 3 | IEQ Credit 3.2 | IEQ Credit 4.6 | IEQ Credit 8.1 | IEQ Credit 9
  • Healthcare Projects
  • Executive Offices and Conference rooms
  • Reception areas and Lobbies
  • Classrooms
  • Corridors

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