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Sheetrock Base Compound - JCBC-28

USG Boral SHEETROCK® Base Compound is a vinyl-based, ready-mixed, high performance compound formulated for filling and smoothing monolithic interior concrete walls and ceilings. Designed to provide superior crack resistance and durability, it is easily applied with a steel trowel and can be sanded to achieve a fine, white surface. USG Boral SHEETROCK® Base Compound is a non-asbestos formula. It is a fit-for purpose compound for professional applicators that provides excellent coverage and is formulated to have minimal shrinkage. Complies with ASTM C475.
  • For finishing concrete substrates
  • Easy to sand
  • Excellent workability
  • Crack-resistance
  • High quality finishing
  • Excellent surface for painting
  • Application: Apply USG Boral SHEETROCK® Base Compound in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. In cold weather and during concrete wall and ceiling finishing, maintain temperatures at a minimum 13°C (55°F). Provide adequate ventilation to carry off excess moisture
  • Concrete surface shall be dry and free from dust, dry salts, oil, grease and other sources of contamination. Smooth surfaces must be treated with bonding agent
  • Apply the USG Boral SHEETROCK® Base Compound, as prepared above, with a steel trowel to a section of substrate in one direction and grade to give a flat surface. Allow to dry. Apply a final thin skim coat layer. Allow to completely dry prior to sanding
  • Touch up remaining uneven areas with the USG Boral SHEETROCK® Base Compound where required. Allow to fully dry prior to sanding
  • Thoroughly clean all tools and equipment after use
  • Mixing: Always use clean tools
  • Do not mix with residues of previously used compounds
  • The inclusion of such materials will impair the performance of this product and will void the product warranty
  • USG Boral SHEETROCK® Base Compound may appear thick in pail. Before adding water, lightly mix and test its application; if required, add water to achieve desired consistency
  • Caution: Avoid over-thinning when adding water as this may cause cracking and excessive shrinkage
  • If liquid has separated from the compound, stir carefully to restore consistency
  • Caution: Do not over mix; over mixing can introduce air bubbles, which can create surface imperfections
  • Storage: USG Boral SHEETROCK® Base Compound should be stored under a cover in a dry environment and protected from temperature extremes; storage in an unsuitable environment can shorten the lifespan of this product
  • USG Boral SHEETROCK® Base Compound has a shelf life of 12 months from date of manufacture



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