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Sheetrock Drying Type Powder Joint Compounds - JCPAP-25

SHEETROCK® BRAND All Purpose Powder Joint Compounds are top quality, conventionally drying products easy mixing, smooth application and ample working time. Designed for embedding tape, for fill coats and finishing over drywall joints, corner bead, trim and fasteners. Also used for simple, hand applied, texture finishes for Various decoration.
  • Fast smooth application
  • Three job-tested types—taping, topping, all purpose
  • Easy to mix, offer ample working time
  • Retain consistency—will not thin out or settle
  • Can be used for simple, hand applied textures.
  • Application: Cover joint with a thin layer of compound and embed tape, leaving about 150mm of compound under feathered edge. Let dry and sand lightly as required. Apply second coat, feathering 50mm beyond first coat. Let dry, sand lightly as required and then apply third coat, feathering 75mm beyond second coat. Sand lightly as required when dry. Finish fastener heads, corner bead and inside corners as required with at least three coats of joint compound, feathered out onto panel faces and sanded lightly as required
  • Mixing: A. Position and apply SHEETROCK® BRAND Gypsum Panels in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations. B. Mix SHEETROCK® BRAND Powder Joint Compounds according to directions on bag. In cold weather, raise temperature of powder to 15°C, before mixing, and use lukewarm water. In cold weather and during gypsum panel application and joint finishing, temperature within the building shall be maintained at a minimum of 55°F (13°C). Adequate ventilation shall be provided to carry off excess moisture
  • Storage: Longer shelf life: Drying-Type compounds are basically inorganic in composition—have long package life



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