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USG Acoustical Plaster Finish - 160100

USG Acoustical Plaster Finish is designated Class A for surface flame spread per ASTM E1042-85. It offers the advantages of a dramatic texture finish with acoustical absorption. USG Acoustical Plaster Finish is ideal for new construction, as well as for repair and remodeling projects. It is easy to use, and mixes with water at the job-site. USG Acoustical Plaster Finish is a setting-type plaster product that is designed to be applied by standard plaster spray application techniques. For successful, trouble-free application, all product directions must be followed, and the recommended equipment must be used.
  • For quiet elegance, turn to the sound-rated ceiling spray texture that dries to an elegant, natural white finish. USG Acoustical Plaster Finish is an exclusive, sound-rated interior spray-applied texture finish for ceilings and other non-contact surfaces over basecoat plaster, concrete, metal decks and gypsum panels
  • Designed for new construction, repair and remodeling
  • Rated for sound absorption and surface burning characteristics
  • Easy spray application
  • Dries to an attractive natural white finish
Product Data
  • Please refer to the detailed information in the Product Data section of the Technical Data Sheet (TDS)
  • Apply finish according to product directions. Finish must be evenly spread and free from runs, sags and other blemishes. Use only mixing equipment and pump sizes (piston pump, rotor/stator and peristaltic pump) as specified in the directions
  • For interior use over basecoat plaster, metal deck, concrete and gypsum panel ceilings, and on other non-contact surfaces. Do not use USG Acoustical Plaster Finish on surfaces previously painted with epoxy-type paints. If surface was previously painted with a “hard shell” finish such as on oil-based paint or semi-gloss or gloss latex paint, sand surface with 80- 100-grit sandpaper, or sandblast the surface. Apply a prime coat of USG Boral SHEETROCK® Brand First Coat and let dry. For concrete surfaces previously coated with a decorative texture finish, the texture finish should be removed and the surface cleaned and primed (per application directions) before applying USG Acoustical Plaster Finish. Previously painted metal decking must be stripped to bare metal prior to application of USG Plaster Bonder-Clear to ensure adequate bond. USG Acoustical Plaster Finish is not recommended for use with gypsum panels previously coated with a decorative texture finish because of increased sag potential.



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