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Ensemble™ Acoustical Plasterboard Ceiling - ENSEMBLE-APBC

USG Ensemble™ Acoustical Plasterboard Ceiling offers the seamless look of plasterboard with true acoustical performance up-to 0.9 NRC. Installation is similar to standard plasterboard and plasterboard suspension systems.

USG Ensemble™ Ceiling Panels are highly engineered gypsum panels that perform like acoustical ceiling panels. The Ensemble™ board perforation pattern is 12mm round holes with 20% open area.

  • Up to NRC 0.90

  • Surface burning as per BS 476: Part 7: Class one surface spread of flame

  • Fire propagation as per BS 476: Part 6: Fire propagation index, I = 5.0

  • Non-directional, monolithic appearance with fine texture

  • Special acoustical perforated USG Ensemble™ Panels to optimize sound performance

  • VOC <0.1 mg/m2/hr (ASTM D5116)

  • High light-reflective finish (LR-.85) reduces fixture and energy use

  • Acoustically transparent spray-applied finish

System Summary
  • Framing: USG Middle East Suspension System
  • Application: Lobbies, atriums, museums, executive or boardrooms, conference rooms
  • Performance: Mass ≈ 6.7kg/m2
  • Acoustic rating: Up to NRC 0.9
  • Light reflectance: 0.8
  • Fire Hazard properties: Fire propagation index, I = 5.0 (BS 476 Part 6) Surface spread of flame = Class One (BS 476 Part 7)
  • Finish: Standard White, other RAL colors are available upon request Seamless, and spray-applied fine texture with low VOC- emitting material
  • Specification: Board Size: 1200x2400x12.5mm
  • Framing: USG Suspension System
  • Insulation: Glass Wool 90mm-thick 14kg/m3 or Stone Wool 50mm-thick 40kg/m3
  • Fastener: 25mm Type “S” Needle Point Screws
  • Joint Tape: USG Sheetrock® Brand Paper Joint Tape
  • Joint Compound:
    1st and 2nd Coat : Sheetrock® All Purpose Joint Compound or USG Premium Premix
    3rd Coat : Sheetrock® Lightweight All-Purpose Joint Compound"
  • Final Finish: USG Ensemble™ Spray-Applied Finish
  • Acoustic Performance:

    0.9 NRC: Insulation: Stone Wool 50mm thick, 40 kg/m3
    100mm Suspension mounting from plenum

    0.9 NRC: Insulation: Glass Wool 90mm thick, 14kg/m3
    100mm Suspension mounting from plenum"

    0.7 NRC: No Insulation, 200mm Suspension mounting from plenum

    0.6 NRC: No Insulation, 400mm Suspension mounting from plenum
  • Warranty: To ensure the performance of this system meets the USG ME Warranty requirements, only USG ME products are to be used and installed in accordance with USG ME specification and recommendations.

  • Lobbies
  • Atrium
  • Executive and board rooms
  • Museums
  • Auditorium
  • Gallery
  • Airport
  • Public Transportation





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