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Movenpick Hotel Bahrain

Movenpick Hotel Bahrain

Movenpick Hotel Bahrain

A Special Acoustical Ceiling for Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain

Application/Building Type: Hospitality
Name: Mövenpick Hotel
Location: Bahrain
Contractor: KONTRA
Featured Products: USG Boral Ensemble™ Monolithic ceiling system
In 2018, we started refurbishments of the Lobby, and restaurants on the Ground floor. The intent was to have an Acoustical monolithic ceiling that is lightweight, non-combustible, and seamless, all while bearing in mind the tight budget and strict deadline.

Once the system was selected and agreed upon by the General Contractor, installers started working with Ensemble™ quickly, easily, and with increased efficiency as the panels could be placed in either direction. All board surfaces were then sprayed with 2 – 3mm thick USG Boral Ensemble™ Spray applied finish.

USG Boral Ensemble™ Monolithic ceiling system

Design with excellent acoustic performance without compromising the seamless beauty of drywall. Breakthrough innovations across USG Boral technologies in drywall, finishing and acoustical systems come together in one system to maximize sound control. Now you can elevate the idea of what a ceiling can to for you, especially in high end applications.


Excellent Sound Performance

  • NRC 0.80 to 0.85, CAC 40
  • Perforated USG Boral Sheetrock® Brand Panels to optimize performance
  • Acoustically transparent USG Boral Ensemble®Spray-Applied Finish

Clean, Elegant Aesthetics

  • Monolithic appearance with fine finish in standard white and custom colors
  • High light reflective finish (LR-85) looks elegant and reduces fixture and energy use

Easier Installation

  • Installs and finishes similar to standard drywall techniques

Total Quality Assurance

  • USG Boral makes all components and offers system warranty
  • Integrates with lighting and HVAC fixtures
  • Easy maintenance - repairs like standard drywall
  • Available options: direct mount ceiling and wall systems

Lower Installation Costs

  • System is up to half the installed cost versus acoustical plaster systems

We’re proud to have fully constructed Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain, where our USG Boral specialty ceiling offered a variety of solution values, some of which are:

  • Compatibility with the architectural design requirements while maintaining the aesthetic appearance.
  • Meeting the contractor needs in terms of time, cost, and adhering to quality standards.
  • Reduced field labor, resource wastage, and material costs thanks to efficiency and ease of use.
  • All stages of production and installation were supervised.
  • Performance of acoustics, structural requirements were met.
  • Lightweight, with fire and moisture-resistance.
  • Fast delivery to the job site.

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Marking the skyline of the historic town of Muharraq, located adjacent to Bahrain International Airport, and with a magnificent view of the sprawling lagoon and resort; there you will find the award-winning five-star Mövenpick Hotel Bahrain. This is where USG Boral ME wrote its new success story.

“The Ensemble™ acoustical ceiling system is extremely easy to install. We achieved the specified NRC levels quite easily. Also, we were supported extremely well by the USG Boral Middle East team. Overall, it was a very good decision to go with USG Boral’s Ensemble™ which complied with the Consultant’s specification.”

Venkatesh S

Project Director

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