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Athena Acoustical Ceiling

USG Athena Acoustical Ceilings are Fire-rated Painted Mineral Fiber Tiles offer NRC range from 0.65 to 0.7 and CAC range from 35 to 40. Available in ...

Chessboard Acoustical Ceiling

Chessboard is a fine non directional Face Cut acoustic false ceiling panels with 529 squares and shallow geometric square or linear face cuts ...

Clean Room™ Acoustical Ceiling

Designed for clean-room environment, these acoustic false ceiling panels are adhere to ISO Cleanroom Standard and sag-resistant.

Clip-In Metal Ceiling

Clip-in Metal Ceiling by USG ME is a high quality aluminum alloy and metal ceiling system that increase the aesthetic and functional value of your ...

Comet Line Acoustical Ceiling

These aesthetically pleasing acoustic false ceiling panels provide a fine directional Face Cut panels with shallow linear face cuts that enable the ...

Cross Fissured Acoustical Ceiling

Designed for economical all-purpose acoustic false ceiling pattern available in various panel sizes.

Designer Series Acoustical Ceiling

Designed for 360 ° non directional pattern with a fresh, clean appearance offers fast and economical acoustical false ceiling installation.

Ensemble™ Ceiling System

USG Boral Ensemble™ Monolithic Acoustical Ceiling System offers the uninterrupted look of a plasterboard ceiling with high-performance acoustics of ...

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