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Beadex® Paper Faced Metal Drywall Bead

USG Beadex® paper-faced metal corner bead can be installed 38% faster than a traditional metal bead.

Beadex® Paper Faced Metal Drywall Bead and Trim

USG Beadex® Brand Paper-Faced Metal Drywall Bead and Trim includes a full range of high-quality products in shapes and sizes designed to meet any ...

Durock® Brand Interior and Exterior Tapes

For joint reinforcement of USG Middle East Solidrock, USG Securock® Glass-mat sheathing, USG Durock® Brand Cement Board,

Expanded Flange Casing Bead

USG Expanded Flange Casing Bead, used as a stucco / plaster stop to provide a screed edge and protective finish trim while terminating plaster or ...

Expanded Flange Corner Bead

USG Expanded Flange Corner Bead, is easy to install, used to strengthen the plaster at the external corners, available in various lengths to minimize ...

Sheetrock Hand Tool

USG Sheetrock Hand Tools are engineered to meet the needs of the finishing professional, making installation, taping, texturing, and repair work more ...

Sheetrock® Brand Paper Joint Tape

For strength and crack resistance in drywall joint treatment USG Sheetrock® Brand Paper Joint Tape is a special fiber tape designed for use with USG ...

Sheetrock® Fiberglass Drywall Tape

Unique cross-fiber construction provides greater drywall joint strength and crack resistance Sheetrock® Brand Fiberglass Drywall Tape is made with a ...

USG Middle East Drywall J-Trims

Protect Drywall edges around door and window openings and provide a smooth trim line at intersections.

USG Middle East Drywall L-Corners Beads

Used to reinforce Drywall and deliver a monolithic and seamless finish along with its corners and intersections. Perforation

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