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Drywall Shadow Angles

Create a reveal edge look at ceiling perimeter installations whilst helping to hide imperfections in the abutting walls.

Drywall Suspension System Z Channel

Easily accommodates rigid insulation and provides for the attachment of gypsum wallboard, veneer or plaster to the interior of masonry walls.

Furring Channels

Furring Channels are hat channels used to hold wall boards in Drywall ceiling and wall lining applications. It is also used as framings for drop down ...

Perimeter Angles

Used on the perimeter of the Drywall ceiling suspension systems and optional as suspension hangers

Primary Channels

Used as main carrying channels in the Drywall Ceiling suspension systems where it is suspended from the overhead structure using different types of ...

Shadowline Stoppage Angle

Create the impression of greater ceiling heights whilst helping to hide imperfections in the abutting walls

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