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Deflection Clip

Used in place or in combination with deflection Track and allowing for vertical movement above wall partitions

Drywall Control Joint

Allowing for expansion in both walls and ceilings, USG control joint has been designed for movement of up to 6mm in each direction.

Drywall Fixing Bracket

Used in wall assemblies allowing for supporting a vertical load or providing lateral bracing CRC connections and floor joist hangers

Drywall Flat Strip (Wall Bracing)

Used in framing applications as wall bracing which provides significant resistance to lateral loads. Used as X - Bracing in wall assembly to resist ...

Expanded Diamond Metal Lath

USG Expanded Diamond Metal Lath, used for exterior plaster applications, corrosion resistant, exceptional strength and flexibility and preferred by ...

Foundation Weep Screed

USG Foundation Weep Screed, provides a straight and true screed surface at the base of stucco walls, while allowing excess moisture to escape the ...

Hex Nut and Washer

Hex Nut is a strong fastener in various applications made of hot dipped galvanized steel (HDG). The accessory is an excellent choice for all USG ME ...

Paper Backed Diamond Mesh Lath

Multipurpose Diamond Mesh Lath comes with a D grade asphalt paper. This mesh lath with the weather resistant barrier can be used in hand and machine ...

Resilient Channel Single Lip

Used in Drywall framing applications to improve the STC rate in Wall Partition

Screw Self Drilling

Substrates and plasterboard screws are fasteners for single-layer and multi-layer drywall planking, insulation and accessory mountings on steel ...

Screw Self Tapping

USG Screws Self Tapping, are needle point fasteners for single-layer and multi-layer drywall planking, insulation and accessory mountings on drywall ...

Strip Lath

It is an expanded flat mesh product used to fill voids in wire lath construction and a base for wire lath patches. It is commonly used diagonally at ...

Wafer Head Screw 13DH

Wafer head screws are drill point fasteners for fixing drywall profiles one to the other providing a large holding surface or for accessory mountings ...

Z Channel

Easily accommodates rigid insulation and provides for the attachment of gypsum wallboard, veneer or plaster to the interior of masonry walls.

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