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Sonata Baffle -

The USG Boral Sonata Baffle ceiling system introduces unique design element to any space and is a striking addition whether it is installed throughout an entire room or just serves as an accent.

Both the style and spacing is customisable and the system can also be installed on either vertical or curved surfaces.

The USG Boral Sonata Baffle ceiling panels can be easily installed and uninstalled for accessibility.
  • An elegant acoustic solution for building structures left exposed for thermal gain benefits.
  • Sonata Baffle is a vertical hanging acoustic board of mineral wool surfaces and edges covered with glass fiber scrim on its surface layer.
  • Mineral Wool substrate with monolithic visual reducing installation time.
  • Improved acoustic properties at exposed workplaces with NRC values up to 0.65.
  • Can accommodate existing elements such as lighting and air conditioning.
  • Allows chilled beams or thermal mass heating to function as intended.
  • Easily adjustable sound absorption levels
  • Simply add or remove elements from the design.
  • Available in custom Sizes and Colors on request.
Physical Properties
  • Type IV, Form 2, Pattern [E] [G];
  • Mineral Fiber Substrate manufactured in wet Felted Technology and finished with Painted Fiber Glass scrim;
  • Size 40 mm thick x [400 x 1,200] [400 x 1,800] [600 x 1,200];
  • Edge Detail Square Blade;
  • Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) [0.65] for 450 mm centers
  • Light Reflectance Coefficient (LR) 0.87
  • Recycled Content [up to 82.5%]
  • Color White similar to RAL 9010 and wide range of Colors
  • Surface Burning Characteristics per ASTM E84 Class A, Flame Spread: 20, Smoke development:50
  • Reaction to Fire: Euroclass A2-s1,d0 in accordance with EN-13501-1
  • Thermal Resistance: 0.31 m² °K/W - R 1.8 (19mm)
  • Humidity Resistance Maximum 90% RH / 40°C
  • Weight: 7-9 kg/Pc
  • Mold Prevention application per ASTM D3273-1, Rate 10 per D3274
  • Washability / Scrubbability: Exceeds 1000 Wash/Scrub Cycles without surface break or the extent of abrasion per ASTM D4828 & D2486
  • Relevant LEED Credit: EA Credit 1 | MR Credit 4| MR Credit 5 | MR Credit 6 IEQ Credit 3 | IEQ Credit 3.2 | IEQ Credit 4.6 | IEQ Credit 8.1 | IEQ Credit 9
  • Manufacturer, subject to compliance with USG Boral ME terms & Conditions
  • Restaurants and cafes
  • Open-plan Areas
  • Museums
  • Transportation (airports, bus terminals and train Stations)
  • Reception and Lobbies
  • Call centers
  • Convention halls and concourses
  • Leisure centers


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