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Sandrift™ Acoustical Ceiling

Exceptionally durable, with superior sound control and sag resistance, these uniquely medium-textured panels are an artful custom ceiling option.
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  • Anti-Mold & Mildew

  • Fire Resistant

  • Sag Resistance


  • Casted Panels with a durable surface that resists scrapes commonly caused by accessing ceiling plenum; highly abuseresistant paneling.
  • Embossed texture that replicates the natural beauty of drifting snow; ideal for use with uplighting or strong side lighting.
  • Combination of high sound absorption and high sound attenuation when laminated with paper back surface. Offers effective reduction of unwanted noise and provides excellent privacy.
  • HRC (High Recycled Content) for optimized recycled content formulations to help maximize LEED® recycled content contribution.
  • Available strictly in ClimaPlus™ for 95% RH resistance. Also features Reveal Edge panels and is formulated to meet Firecode® standards.
  • Classified as zero-emitting per standards established by the Collaborative for High-Performance Schools (CHPS), following California Specification 01350 testing methods
    • Conference and lobby areas
    • Department stores
    • Entertainment and gaming
    • Executive offices
    • Restaurant
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
808 Paper Back 610x610mm 38 0.7
815mm Paper Back 610x610mm 35 0.55
809 Paper Back 610x610mm 38 0.7

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