Cleveland Clinic

Cleveland Clinic

Featured Products for Cleveland Clinic Ceilings & Walls:

  • USG Sheetrock® Brand Mold Tough® gypsum panels
  • USG Sheetrock® Brand Plus 3® lightweight all-purpose joint compound
  • USG Durock® Brand cement board Next Gen
  • USG Sheetrock® Brand Cavity Shaft Wall


In addition to gypsum panels, USG also supplied Sheetrock® Brand Plus 3® lightweight all purpose joint compound, Durock® cement board Next Gen, as well as the components of the USG Sheetrock® brand Cavity Shaft Wall System, a fire-rated assembly consisting of gypsum board, steel and insulation that encloses elevator and mechanical shafts.


burj khalifa fire rated gypsum boards

USG ME was the only party that was able to offer solutions that met the technical, acoustical and fire rating requirements of such a big project”