Chios Mastic Research Center

Chios Mastic Research Center


Due to problems related to the curvy corners and the location that is near the ocean, the building of Chios MASTIC RESEARCH CENTER needed more than a typical material to be used in the sheathing process.


Process of solving the problem

We did a sample wall for the center to decide what to use. They had three choices SECUROCK®, CEMENT BOARDS, AND GUARDEX. After the sample installation and checking the three products, we decide to use SECUROCK®.



The role of unique and unprecedented products from USG ME has emerged. USG ME distinguished SECUROCK® GLASS MAT SHEATHING EXTERIOR WALLS product was the solution for the mentioned problem.


Chios Ceiling & Walls Product specification

  • Mold-resistant
  • Resists Water
  • Quick, Dry installation
  • Exposure to the weather for up to 12 months after application. 
  • Warranted for five years against manufacturing defects and 12 months of weather exposure. 


Contractor’s opinion

After speaking with Thanasis Drakopoulos, he showed his pleasure in the overall installation and finishing as the round corners were able to bend without breaking.




In this project, USG ME product Securock® Glass Mat Sheathing Exterior Wall has been able to withstand the high humidity and high winds.



With USG ME products and solutions, nothing can stop the construction process!