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  • Help you request samples
  • Follow-up on samples request
  • Assist you in raising complaints
  • Manage Sample Orders
  • Become a Distributors
  • Raising Feedbacks
  • Browsing Catalogues
  • Get Inspired
  • Technical Support
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Architects and consultants can get inspiration for their designs of construction projects and solutions, in addition to downloading CAD drawings for products and browsing their features.


Where they can request and follow up on sample orders of their projects, browse the company's products, download submittals, and cooperate with sales offices and the nearest distributors.


Becoming a distributor for a major company in the field of ceilings and drywall has become so easy, just start messaging with Abdulaziz, the chatbot of USG Middle East and become a distributor!

Project Owners

We know the value of predictability, consistency, and reliability of the Project Owners. They don’t have time to babysit people or spend every day at the job site. They need people they can count on, like Abdulaziz!

Right support, at the right time.

Sometimes in our line of business, we need quick answers to be able to solve a problem we're facing. Our WhatsApp ChatBot answers all your questions and helps you plan efficiently and in a timely manner.