Offering USG ME products and construction solutions opens a distributor business to a whole new world of opportunity. Highly respected by builders and installers for the ease of installation and quality of technical finishes our products are specified for developments ranging from premiere, high-rise to designer homes and offices.


Our mission is to support our partner distributors every step of the way and we work closely to build relationships that provide constant feedback on how we can continuously improve.


We are here to provide the best products, technical advice and expertise to grow and sustain business growth.


Read on to discover information about our Win - Win Tactics, Products Offering, Materials Availability, and case studies showing what can be achieved with our products.





At USG ME we look in key responsibilities for our distributors:

  • Market Knowledge- Knowing of Ceilings and Walls trend perspective.
  • Target Demographic- knowing the ideal customer and what they expect from the brand.
  • Competitive Mindset- knowledge of the retailers who are in competition, their product offering, quality, and price points…etc.
  • Analytics- tracking, reviewing, and reacting to sales and forecast.


must be able to adapt to change and work together with manufacturer for cross-functionally. These skills are essential in order to thrive: Presentation, Communication, Flexibility, Follow- Up, Problem- solving and most important coverage.

Distributors are responsible for the production collection, and they partner with the buyers to understand required choices and required price point, and to ensure collections are properly represented in their showrooms and social media.

Being a Distributor is a huge responsibility because they are partnering with every cross-functional team from the minute a customer makes a purchase. They are the one staying ahead of the competition, and seeing the concept through to completion.