JIC - Jubail Industrial College Support Facilities (DOME)

JIC - Jubail Industrial College Support Facilities (DOME)

A Pre-Engineered, Customized Solution for Jubail College Ceiling and Walls

The USG ME drywall suspension system offered a precise and efficient solution. The USG ME drywall suspension system is a pre-engineered system that allows contractors to create unique, curved, domed, and conventional flat drywall ceilings without cutting or curving support structures in the field. Since it is easy to install, a lower-skilled workforce was required to install it, while still achieving a high-quality finish.

The hanging system was composed mainly of wire hangers, however, threaded rods were custom-made and installed as well to give the structure more rigidity and stability in order to achieve structural integrity. Hangers were anchored to the top concrete dome structure with special accessories. The installed hangers carried the curved main tees and other parts of the dome.

USG Sheetrock® All Purpose Joint Compound was used to finish the joints of the installed wallboard.

Solution Values

  • Installation guideline provided a great tool for on-site training for installation crews
  • Quality finish by using USG ME Sheetrock® All Purpose Joint Compound
  • Lighter-weight solution
  • Design, engineering and commercial support provided to the contractor over a period of 1 yr
  • Pre-engineered factory-curved solution significantly reduced field labor


USG ME's team has designed and supplied the material required for the installation of a 25 m or 81.4 feet diameter gypsum Dome with its steel suspension system and a finished surface area of around 540 m2 or 5800 ft2 in the Auditorium and training center of the project’s support facilities.


"USG ME’s Dome design fulfilled our requirements and we are happy to deal with USG ME team. USG ME team gave the right solution and helped us overcome the obstacles we were facing"