Featured products of MSHEIREB Qatar Ceilings & Walls

  • Diamond Veneer Plaster
  • Red Top Wood Fiber Plaster
  • Imperial Firecode C panels
  • Sheetrock® shaft wall liners
  • Sheetrock® Regular panels
  • Sheetrock® Type X panels
  • Sheetrock® Type C panels
  • Sheetrock® Mold Tough panels
  • Sheetrock® AR panels
  • Sheetrock® Ultralight Mold Tough panels
  • Securock® Glass-Mat Sheathing
  • Durock® Cement Board
  • Sonata ClimaPlus ceiling tiles
  • DONN® DXT15 suspension system


USG ME team has been involved in almost all phases of this project, offering solutions for gypsum plastering systems and UL certified wall partitions ensuring the safety and privacy of occupants by providing state of the art designs that offer high fire and acoustic ratings.


burj khalifa fire rated gypsum boards

Technical support was provided regarding the application of Diamond Veneer Plaster and Red Top Wood Fiber Plaster