Al Qana

Al Qana

Al Qana

A unique waterfront destination bringing a new definition of social dining and entertainment in Abu Dhabi. It is the ideal destination to experience an atmosphere that leaves you feeling rejuvenated, excited, and alive.


alqana project front


As it will also feature the largest and most awe-inspiring aquarium in Abu Dhabi spanning across 5000 sqm of aquatic amazement, it will need unique building products and solutions to complete the building and finishing process. USG ME Securock External Ceiling System was the right choice!




alqana project top view


Unique Attributes of Project

The project located in the heart of Abu Dhabi extending across 2.4 kilometers of waterfront with Marina Views and all the other entertainment the family looking for like Aquarium, Retail shops, Gym and Kids playing area.

It was an excellent collaboration for USG ME to use its solution in such a unique project.





How did USG ME products add value?

The use of USG Middle East gypsum based Glassmat Securock board reduced the installation time of AlQana external walls and cost for the exterior soffit lining and reduced the potential for cracking due to its dimensional stability.


alqana project 3d

Basecoat render was applied to the boards as it has the ability to both expand and contract should there be any movement of the soffit.


alqana project


Al Qanaa Project



With USG ME products and solutions, nothing can hinder your project building development!



The destination on the waterfront will be home to 33,000 species, spread over 10 zones.