Jade Tower

Jade Tower

The façade of any building is the part which attracts people to visit it!

A unique façade needs unique building products and solutions.

The fact is, nothing would compete USG ME building products and solution.

Meet JAD Tower façade, the unique collaboration between USG ME, Skyline General Trading Company, and Back Combined General Trading and Contracting Company.


Jade Tower Ceiling & Jade Tower Walls Products:

  • Profiles
  • USG ME Securock Glass Mat Sheathing 15.9 mm to make the design of the tower's façade aesthetic and unique


Unique Attributes of Project

  • Unique façade design with a combination of different materials
  • Simple yet beautiful interior and exterior design


Challenges Faced

  • Getting approvals on such a new material without having previous references in the MENA region.
  • Awarding experienced installation staff that does not have experience in this system.
  • The façade Waterproofing and draining details and the façade materials' relation with each other.
  • Protecting the edges of the board from the water.
  • Protecting the backside of the board from water since it is fixed over the block work mechanically and the gap behind the board is not weather sealed.
  • Color variation and flexibility of the Durock cement materials that we applied on the top of the board.


This fantastic collaboration between the three companies to face all the challenges, allowed us to provide a tailor-fit solution with USG ME profiles and Securock® Glass Mat Sheathing to cover the external envelope. This solution enabled the construction team to operate faster and have a final accurate and clean result.



The façade combination gave the project a distinctive design that is rarely found in Kuwait, giving it a modern look in its existing area.