Unveiling the Symphony of Design and Functionality with Athena Acoustical Ceilings by USG Middle East

Unveiling the Symphony of Design and Functionality with Athena Acoustical Ceilings by USG Middle East

Unveiling the Symphony of Design and Functionality with Athena Acoustical Ceilings by USG Middle East

The Power of Innovation in Sustainable Building Materials

USG Middle East (USGME), a beacon in innovative building materials, boasts a legacy forged with over 1300 patents. Our unwavering pursuit of groundbreaking solutions transcends merely meeting industry standards; we redefine them. Sustainability sits at the core of our values, transforming ceilings into resilient shields against fire, moisture, weather, and noise. In our relentless pursuit of excellence, we present the Athena Acoustical Ceiling – a modular marvel that exemplifies cost-effectiveness, aesthetics, and acoustic prowess.


A Seamless Blend of Design and Functionality

Athena Acoustical Ceiling Panels are designed to integrate seamlessly into diverse environments. They feature a concealed and laid-in medium-textured architecture. Their nondirectional design is visually striking, quick, and straightforward to install, making them ideal for various applications.


Exceptional Performance through Water-Felted Manufacturing

The remarkable performance of Athena Acoustical Ceiling Panels lies in the revolutionary water-felted manufacturing technique that achieves an outstanding Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC) and places them in the category of low-emitting ceiling panels. We are committed to providing a healthier indoor environment in every design aspect.


Acoustic Harmony

What truly sets Athena Acoustical Ceilings apart is their exceptional sound absorption capabilities. In various configurations, these panels offer high-range sound absorption and sound attenuation, ensuring that the acoustics of any room are finely tuned, making them vital in creating spaces that balance tranquility and functionality.




Design Flexibility and Specifications

The Athena Acoustical Ceiling System prioritizes accessibility. It features multiple random pin perforation panels, providing the perfect design solution for new-build and renovation projects. It caters to various aesthetic preferences and is available in semi-concealed D-BESK and fully concealed BESK tiles.

  • Engineered for mid to high sound absorption and attenuation, bringing balance to room acoustics.
  • Formulated explicitly in 16mm for high acoustic sound absorption, boasting an impressive NRC of 0.70.
  • The nondirectional pattern, coupled with a fresh, clean appearance, enhances the environment aesthetically and allows for fast and efficient installation.


Enhancing Spaces with Purpose

The versatility of Athena Acoustical Ceilings extends to a range of applications, making them an excellent choice for:

  • Schools: Fostering an environment conducive to learning.
  • Corridors: Mitigating noise and enhancing the overall atmosphere.
  • Lobby Areas: Elevating the first impression with aesthetic appeal and acoustic comfort.
  • Offices: Promoting productivity by balancing acoustics in workspaces.
  • Retail Stores: Creating an inviting ambiance for shoppers.
  • Sustainability Woven into Every Fiber

Athena Acoustical Ceilings' sustainability narrative goes beyond their resistance to various elements. By choosing these ceilings, you are investing in durability and endorsing an eco-friendly approach to construction. We at USG Middle East (USGME) are committed to offering products that align with the principles of green building.


Installation and Maintenance: Simplifying the Building Process

The ease and speed of installation make Athena Acoustical Ceiling Panels not just a choice of efficiency but also one of cost-effectiveness. These quickly erected panels, once installed, require minimal maintenance. It's a testament to the long-term value and durability that USG Middle East (USGME) promises with every product.


Transforming Spaces, Building Legacies

The transformative power of Athena Acoustical Ceilings by USG Middle East (USGME) is beyond being a testament to innovation; it also embodies sustainability, efficiency, and aesthetics. It's not just about building structures; it's about building legacies that stand the test of time.

Explore the full range of our modular ceiling solutions to find the perfect fit for your project. Elevate your spaces with ceilings that not only meet expectations but exceed them.