Everything You Need To Know About Securock

Everything You Need To Know About Securock

Everything You Need To Know About Securock

The USG securock is a high-performance roof board that contains 95% recycled materials. It is used in low slope commercial roof constructions and can be applied over new or existing wood, concrete, steel, insulated and non-insulated roof decks.

They can be mechanically applied in type 3 or type 4 asphalt or any other approved insulated adhesive. Securock can also be used in varieties of non-structural roofing applications.

Securock consists of fibre-reinforced moisture and mould-resistant gypsum blend that makes it even from surface to core.

Through the use of the silicone-based additive, the panel surface is tightened to provide a low dusting and puncture-free surface.

Securock comes with customer service, flexibility and responsiveness that only USG can deliver. When a securock is installed over a wood deck, it acts as a fire barrier, and when installed on a metal deck, it acts as a thermal barrier.

Also, when installed over insulation, it functions as a cover board, and when used over an existing roof system, it acts as a recovery board.

Securock brand high performance is sectioned into three major types. Read on to know and understand what securock entails.

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Securock Gypsum Fiber Roof Board

This is a versatile, high-performance board that makes use of unique and advanced fibre in-forced technology for a durable and uniform finish.

This securock gypsum roof board is ideal for all recommended and low slope commercial roofing systems, which include; fluid-applied, spray foam, single ply and modified bitumen roofing. Its features are;

  1. It Has Superior Bond: It has exceptional adhesion in a fully adhered roofing system and also shows an excellent performance in wind uplift.
  2. Resistant To Moisture and Mold: It has a homogenous composition that provides uniform water and mould resistance throughout the board panel.
  3. Outstanding Performance: Its high-density board stands up to foot traffic and also has an extremely low absorption rate that can reduce adhesive use and installation cost.
  4. Environmentally Friendly: It is made from 95% recycled materials and causes no damage to its surrounding.
  5. Quick Installation: It is easy to cut and install.

Limitation: Adverse weather conditions, moisture, dew and application temperature can have intense effects on the roof system that is beyond securock.


Tips When Fixing A Securock Gypsum Fiber Roof Board

Before fixing the securock, ensure to follow these safety tips;

  • When stored outside, a waterproof material/covering should be used.
  • To recover any applications, any existing roofing system must be dry before applying the securock gypsum fibre roof board.
  • When applying solvent-based primers, allow sufficient time for the solvent-based primers to evaporate.
  • Ensure to consult the roofing manufacturers for instructions on how to apply the securock product.




Securock Glass Mat Roof Board

This securock is a non-combustible, mould/moisture resistant and high-performance roof board that is ideal for use in fire barrier and thermal applications.

Securock glass mat roof board enhances the durability of the whole roofing system when used as a cover board in a single-ply attached system.

It has excellent attributes that earn it superiority over other products. These features are;

  1. It has an outstanding performance that provides enough protection to the roof system from foot traffic and heel damage, and it also snaps and scores easily and cleanly.
  2. Exceptional installation, cutting and handling. Its installation is easy and snaps into place when fixed.
  3. It has excellent mould and moisture resistance. Its fibreglass back and front do not resist moisture and mould damage.
  4. Its fire performance has a class A fire rating for unlimited slope in fire barrier applications.


Safety Precautions To Adhere To When Installing The Securock Glass Mat Roof Board

  1. It should not be installed during dew, rain, heavy fogs or any condition that might deposit moisture on the surface.
  2. Always keep the securock glass mat roof board dry before, during, and after installation.
  3. Use the specified fasteners to install the securock glass mat roof board.


Securock Cement Roof Board

It is a high-performance roof board that is used in low-slope roofing systems. It enhances the entire roofing system as both a thermal barrier and cover board. It is the easiest and lightest cement board in use.

Its Features Are;

  1. It is non-combustible and also has a class A fire rating for fire barrier applications.
  2. It has a moisture and mould resistance substrate.
  3. It is versatile. It can be used in single-ply, spray foam, metal and fluid-applied bitumen roofing.
  4. It has an excellent strength that is engineered to provide a high wind uplift performance for all kinds of roof systems.


Safety Tips To Adhere To When Installing The Securock Cement Roof Board

  1. Use a breathable material to protect the board.
  2. Securock cement roof board should not be installed in adverse weather conditions.
  3. Avoid exposure or moisture from conversation or leaks to avoid scenarios where It will rot, disintegrate or warp.


Summary Of The Securock Boards

  • It is available in different ranges of size and thickness.
  • It comes wrapped in a protective covering and packages.
  • All the panels are always stacked, making them easy to remove from the unit.
  • When removing the securock board, a drag-and-drop process is used.
  • Make sure to hold the securock board in an upright position. If handled carelessly, it can result in breakage of the board.
  • Securock boards enhance the durability of any roof system.
  • Compared to competitive products, securock fibre boards have better compressions to strengthen the fluid movement.
  • It is easy to install in a variety of situations.
  • Securock protects your roof in all kinds of weather.
  • It has a high-quality, tightly woven mat with engineered glass that produces fewer loose fibres, which makes it less itchy and easier to use.
  • Securock glass mat roof board in the substrate must be kept dry during installation.
  • It is easy to score and snap. Use a utility knife to score the board firmly and to ensure clean edges.


On A Final Note;

Securock enables you to start strong, finish strong, and keep your business growing. Before installation, it creates a uniform and smooth surface for a new system to be applied.

For cold adhesive systems, spread evenly across the board face to avoid loose edges. When using the torch-applied system, ensure that the torch flame is being applied to the roll and not the board face.

Once you adhere to these guidelines, the results will be exceptional, and you will have a long-term bond.