Shaft wall System Solutions by USG ME

Shaft wall System Solutions by USG ME

Shaft wall System Solutions by USG ME

USG shaft wall systems are non-load-bearing gypsum wall partition assemblies constructed from outside the shaft wall of each floor. This shaft wall system installs faster than any other multilayer gypsum panel system.

This is because it is installed from one side, leaving the shaft wall free of scaffolding. Shafts are enclosed early during construction, and the walls are finished later, along with other interior compartments.

Some vital components and application procedures make installation fast and easy.

Get this product by USGME for seamless shaft wall system solutions: Securock Brand Glass Mat Shaft Wall Firecode Mold Tough.


Application Of USG ME shaft wall System Solution

USG ME shaft wall systems are used to construct staircases, elevator shafts, mechanical shafts, horizontal membranes and air return shafts. These shafts are necessary for power, water, vertical communication, fresh air, exhaust,  and a means of egress.


Wall Application Of USG ME shaft wall System


  1. Elevator: It is ideal for the elevator shaft since the walls can be constructed from one side of the panel, leaving the shaft free of scaffolding. It also allows elevator equipment to be installed simultaneously.
  2. Mechanical Shafts: Ductwork and vertical HVAC piping can easily be contained within the shaft wall system, allowing for wall penetrations when required.
  3. Stair Shafts: It houses stairwell shafts by allowing both sides of the wall to be finished when required. To add abuse resistance in the stairwell, the face layer panel can be used with any USG sheetrock product.
  4. Air Shafts: This shaft wall system can also be used for vertical air shafts within any building. The shafts can be unlined when specific conditions are met. An unlined shaft wall can accommodate maintained air pressure.
  5. Solid Shafts: They are typically used to construct duct or mechanical enclosures or in areas where a little section of shaft wall is needed for a single vertical pipe penetration.
  6. Horizontal Stud Shaft: For some applications, equipment limitation makes it difficult to install shaft liner studs and panels vertically. This is perfect for a wall separating shafts in cases where a structural beam is provided for supporting the wall.


Ceiling Application

Shaft Wall Ceiling Membrane: It is also used in 2-hour duct enclosures. These 2-hour horizontal membranes are used as the ceiling of 1 and 2-hour egress corridors.


USG ME shaft wall System Components

USG ME shaft wall systems have been tested for fire resistance ratings only when all the system components are used together. Do note that alteration of any components is not supported by the USG ME shaft wall system.

USG ME shaft wall system components are divided into some parts; read on to discover their parts and products.


1. Gypsum Liner Panels


  1. USG ME Sheetrock Brand Gypsum Liner Panels;

Its panel is 1” thick and 24” wide with bevelled edges.

It has a high-performance panel with a fireproof core encased in water-resistant.

It is a 100% recycled green face and back paper.


  1. USG ME Sheetrock Brand Mold Tough Gypsum Liner Panels;

It is a high-performance panel that has a mould and moisture-resistant core.

Made from 100% recycled back to paper and blue face.

Its panel is 1” thick and 24” wide with bevelled ends.

It is fire resistant and has surface-burning characteristics.


  1. USG ME Sheetrock Brand Glass-Mat Liner Panel;

Its panel is 1” thick and 24” wide.

It can be left exposed for a long duration.

Its high-performance panel is mould and moisture-resistant.

Has a classification as to fire resistance, surface burning features and non-combustibility.


2) Gypsum Panel And Cement Board


  1. USG ME Sheetrock Brand FireCode ×Panels;

Available in 5/8” thickness and 4” width.

It has all the advantages of a regular panel with the added feature of being fire-resistant.


  1. USG ME Sheetrock Brand Ultralight Panels FireCode×

It is lighter in weight, which makes it easy to install, handle, and transport.

It also has all the merits of USG sheetrock brand fire code and gypsum panels.

Classification as to fire resistant and non-combustibility.


  1. USG ME Sheetrock Brand FireCode C panel;

It provides improved fire resistance over the FireCode× panel, this is because of the additive that enhances the integrity of the core under fire hazards.

Available in 4” width, 5/8” and 1/2 inch thickness.

It has surface burning characteristics and is fire resistant.


  1. USG ME Sheetrock Brand Glass-Mat Panel Mold Tough AR;

It is suitable for use in pre-dry-in and similar wallboard applications before the building envelope Is highly enclosed.

It can be exposed to the weather for as long as 12 months.

Available in 5/8” thickness and 4” width.

It provides greater abuse resistance compared to regular and standard drywall.

Its panel has moisture and mould resistance and a non-combustibility gypsum core.


3. Interior Finishing Products


  1. USG ME Sheetrock Brand Acoustical Sealant;

It minimises dirt accumulation and whistling when applied to partitions perimeter due to air movement.

It has superior performance as a fire caulk in UL-classified joint systems.


  1. USG ME Sheetrock All-Purpose Joint Compound;

It combines a single package with already mixed convenience with good topping and tapping performance.

More so, it is a versatile performer. It can be used as a tape, texture, finish, skim coat or laminate.


  1. USG ME Sheetrock Brand 3 Lightweight All Purpose Joint Compound;

It weighs up to 30% less than conventional compounds and sand, with the ease of a topping compound.

It requires only two(2) coats over metal, fasteners, and corner beads.

It has low shrinkage.


  1. USG ME Sheetrock Brand Tuff-Hide-Primer-Surfacer;

It saves time and money.

It is a high-solid, acrylic, vinyl, latex-based coating for interior spray over new drywall.



shaftwall system


USG ME shaft wall System Performance Test

All USG ME shaft wall systems undergo exhaustive testing to meet exacting standards. All products manufactured are tested following recognised standards.


●     Testing Results

USG ME shaft wall system provides four-hour fire resistance and sound ratings. Their attributes and components are resistant to fire hazards.


●     Fire Protection

USG ME shaft wall system has been tested for fire endurance. In any event of a fire, stairs and mechanical shafts are important channels for water, power, communication, exhaust, air and egress, thereby making the shafts the lifelines of the building.

It is critically vital that these walls protect the occupants and all necessary services from a fire burn.


●     Sound Control

Its test data shows the effectiveness of the USG ME shaft wall system in reducing sound. When the USG ME shaft wall system is correctly installed and designed, it increases comfort levels by attenuating unwanted noise for adjacent spaces.


On A Final Note;

The best way to minimise moisture and mould build-up is by keeping it away from water before, during, and after construction.

Outlined below are the fire testing results for the USG ME shaft wall system;

-UL listing of shaft wall head of the wall.

-UL listing for fire damper installation.

-UL classification of all gypsum panel components.

-UL fire resistance classifications for one -four hours.

-Fire-tested data for call button boxes, electrical panels and other interfaces.