The Benefits of a Suspended Ceiling In The Workplace

The Benefits of a Suspended Ceiling In The Workplace

The Benefits of a Suspended Ceiling In The Workplace

Suspended ceilings, also known as 'dropped ceilings' or 'false ceilings', are primarily used in commercial buildings, corporate houses, homes and offices.


These days, business and organisation owners are interested in using suspended ceilings in their workplaces because they feel it will add to the aesthetics.


Usually, people don't pay much attention to their ceiling. However, the few people that do so majorly because of the aesthetic it provides.


But do you know that there is a dozen more benefits of using a suspended ceiling apart from the aesthetic it provides?


Installing a suspended ceiling is an excellent way to keep the pipes that run through the ceilings out of public view, it hides the wiring system and conceals the old flaws of the old ceilings. Suspended ceilings are the only solution to these problems and are also cost-effective.


In light of this, it's worth every penny to hire a professional to install a suspended ceiling in your workplace. Professionals will not only carry out an excellent installation, but they'll also offer advice on the best materials to use.


In this article, you'll find all the benefits of installing a suspended ceiling in your office or workplace.


7 Benefits of A Suspended Ceilings In The Workplace

Suspend ceilings have numerous benefits in the workplace, but this article will only highlight seven of them. Below are the benefits:


1.   Quick and Easy Installation

Installing suspended ceilings is not as difficult as it looks. In reality, it's quite easy. Although initially, it may look like it's time-consuming and difficult to install, that's not always the case.


It is so easy to install to the extent that with the right tools, right materials and knowledge about ceiling installation, you can install it yourself.


However, there's a place for professionalism in everything. To prevent problems that a professional can easily avoid, and also to ensure the safety of your staff and clients, it's best to hire a professional.


To be on the safe side, a licensed professional with a history of experience will be your best choice.


Because of the suspended ceiling's easy-to-install nature, you can fix an appointment with a professional and get the ceiling installed without affecting productivity in your workplace. Because as the saying goes, time is money.


Its installation saves you time and gives room for increased productivity.




2.   Easy to remove

You might be wondering why you need to remove an already installed ceiling. Well, you never can tell, a part of the ceiling might need immediate repair, and you may need to take down the entire ceiling.


While this may be a herculean task for other types of ceilings, it's not the same for suspended ceilings. Also, when you need to repair any pipe or wires that run through the ceiling, you can easily unassembled the ceiling and make your repairs.


After the repairs, the ceiling remains easy to install, and it won't consume much of your time; pretty easy, right?


3.   Hides pipes, wires, ductwork and flaws.

During construction, different pipes and wires run through the walls. Sometimes, water pipes run through the ceilings and other times; you’ll find electrical conduit pipes in the ceilings.


Not only that, but sometimes, the air conditioning system can be installed on the ceiling or talk about the ventilation ducts. These things can disfigure your workplace, and they can even affect productivity.


Workers tend to work better in an aesthetically pleasing and conducive place. This is where suspended ceilings come in handy. They conceal pipes, wires and ducts from public eyes.


Also, it saves you from the cost of having to transfer these items to a less conspicuous place. Apart from pipes and ductworks, a suspended ceiling can help to hide any flaws in your ceiling.


It could be that water leaks from the pipes are staining your walls or peeled paints are disfiguring the whole aesthetics; suspended ceilings can do a good job of concealing it.


4.   Soundproofing

Your workplace deserves its privacy so that there can be more productivity. Imagine a workplace where the workers can get maximum concentration because there's no external noise intrusion. It'll be a great experience, and suspended ceilings can help you achieve that.


Suspended ceilings possess superior acoustic properties, which help to reduce external noise. If noise reduction is a great deal for you and you want to improve productivity in your workplace, you can install suspended ceilings.


5.   Design choices

Suspended ceilings are available in different styles and colours. You can choose designs that fit your workplace and increase its aesthetics and style. There are also options on styles, textures, finishes, and colours.


Even though your workplace is a professional setting, suspended ceilings can still give your workplace a professional and homely feel for your employees, visitors and clients.


6.   Easy to install lights

If you have any misconception about whether you can install lights on a suspended ceiling, then get that thought off your mind. Suspended ceilings are designed to hold lights, fans and other overhead appliances. You can easily install these appliances without fear of them falling off.


Speaking of lights, lights bring a different feel to a room and takes away the gloomy feel. A workplace with a poor lighting system is not a good place for productivity.


That's why suspended ceilings have light reflectance features. Ceilings with this feature can reflect about 90% of the light it receives back into the space.


But ceilings without this feature can only reflect 70%. So, with suspended ceilings in your workplace,  be sure of massive illumination.


7.   Resistant to moisture and mould

Suspended ceilings are designed to be moisture resistant. This means that moisture cannot ruin its appearance or fade its beauty.


As against some ceilings that are not resistant to mould and Mildew, a suspended ceiling can even be installed in the bathroom. This creates a safer, healthier and more conducive working environment.


Also, suspended ceilings can improve the insulation of your workplace. This means that the ceilings can trap more heat and leave the room warmer. It saves you from loathsome energy bills.


On a final note;

Your workplace deserves a better ceiling for more productivity and comfort. Since there are different design options and styles you can choose from, you should be able to find one that suits your workplace and satisfy your employees and visitors.


To benefit maximally from installing suspended ceilings in your workplace, the product you use matters a lot.


You can try your hands on the USG ME Halcyon Acoustical Ceiling. With this product, you can give your workplace the best working environment it deserves.