Transportation, Terminal Buildings and Airports Solutions

Transportation, Terminal Buildings and Airports Solutions

Transportation, Terminal Buildings and Airports Solutions


Do you need an experienced, high-quality company to take on your transportation, terminal building, and airport projects? With USG ME Solutions, your search has ended because here, you'll find different products and services that will help build solid terminals and buildings.


USG ME has always been a reliable construction company, offering construction products and services for different projects in different parts of the world. We already have a reputation for delivering quality and top-notch services and system solutions. We also have the technical expertise to help in the installation of these products and services.


Transportation, terminal buildings and airports contribute significantly to the economy, so nothing must go wrong with their construction. USG ME understands perfectly well; that’s why we've made solutions in terms of products that can help with the overall structure and performance of terminal buildings and airport facilities. Though our products are top-notch, they are also budget-friendly


USG ME Solutions For Different Parts Of Airports Solution

USG ME provides the best products for different parts of the airports. They include ceilings, flooring and even fireproof materials.


USG ME Athena Acoustical Ceiling

This product is offered in multiple pin perforation acoustic false ceiling tiles for the perfect mid-range sound absorption and reduction, which balances the acoustics in the room.


Its features include:

  • Accessible acoustic ceiling system with more than one random pin.
  • Perforation panels.
  • The best design solution for new construction or renovation projects.
  • Available in semi-covered and fully covered tiles.
  • Ideal for mid to high sound absorption & sound reduction, which allows balance for room acoustics.
  • The best choice for general commercial construction projects.
  • Maximum cost-efficiency and design simplicity.
  • Available in washable & hygienic paint if you desire.
  • Specially formulated in 16mm for high acoustic sound absorption


USG ME Skynet Wood Wool Ceiling Direct Mounting

This product is made from high-quality wood wool and cement and has high acoustic and thermal insulation properties. These properties make it ideal for concert halls, airports and studios.


Its features include:

  • It can be fixed directly to the plenum through the drywall suspension system.
  • It's durable and nature friendly, making it suitable for indoor use.
  • It's manufactured from high-quality wood wool and cement.
  • It's made of fireproof material with great sound and thermal insulation capabilities.
  • It's the best option for the broadest range of Interior solutions.
  • It's available in various sizes, panels and colours.


USG ME Tuff Silk™ Interior Wall Putty

USG ME Tuff-Silk™ Interior Wall Putty supplies an excellent quality thin underlayment solution used to rebuild walls and ceilings as a crack filler.

TUFF-SILK Interior Wall Putty provides a smooth surface finish that does not require sanding and is ready for paint and decorative coatings. Complies with ASTM C475.

Its features include:

  • Repair walls and fill compound.
  • Excellent for use in Skim Coating.
  • It's best used on Concrete and Gypsum Walls and Ceilings.
  • It provides a very smooth surface finish and does not need sanding.
  • Dries to a Fine White Finish.


USG Securock Brand Glass Mat Roof Board

USG Securock Brand Glass-Mat Roof Board is a high-performance roof board mainly used in low-slope commercial roofing systems.


It prolongs the longevity of the entire roofing system, mainly when it's used as a cover board in single-ply mechanically combined systems. It's also specially designed to withstand fire, mould and moisture.


Its features include:

  • It's best used as a cover board in single-ply mechanically attached systems.
  • Moisture- and mould-resistant core and faces
  • It protects the roof system from hall and foot traffic
  • It can serve as fire resistance, fire barrier and thermal barrier.




Products For Hangers And  Maintenance Buildings


USG ME Corridor System - Hook On

Celebretto Corridor System - Hook On is a ceiling suspension system suitable for corridors. With this, you no longer require threaded rods and vertical hangers before you have easy access to the ceilings.


Its features include:

  • Free span solution - does require threaded rods and vertical hangers.
  • Quick installation.
  • Ideal for corridors that have condensed MEP fixtures.
  • Total access to ceiling void allowing easy maintenance.


USG ME Crossing Baffles

Celebration Crossing Baffles are suitable for corridors that ensure that threaded rods and vertical hangers are not required allowing total access to the ceiling void for easy maintenance.

  • Free span solution - eliminates the need for threaded rods and vertical hangers.
  • Ideal for corridors that have condensed MEP fixtures.
  • Total access to ceiling void, allowing easy maintenance.
  • Quick installation.


USG ME Lay-In Metal Ceiling

Celebretto Lay-in Metal Ceiling is a high-quality aluminium alloy and metal ceiling system that provides various perforation patterns and paint options. It is designed to be installed on ceiling suspensions.


Its features include:

  • Durable and washable polyester powder finish.
  • Wide range of standard perforation patterns.
  • Wide range of optional wooden patterns.
  • Easy access for service maintenance.
  • Robust and easy to clean.
  • High sound absorption and sound reduction
  • Environmentally friendly and recyclable.


USG ME Flexible Fire Rated Sealant

This product is an acrylic-based fire-rated sealant used for fire-rated partitions, smoke barriers and sound-rated assemblies.

  • Movement capability +/- 10%
  • Simple use and application
  • Smoke, gas and watertight
  • Easy clean-up with water
  • Approved for infinite linear gap lengths
  • Silicone-free


USG ME Paraline Metal Baffles

Celebretto Paraline metal baffles provide smooth access to the enclosed plenum and improve acoustic performance; available in a wide range of sizes, dimensions, patterns and finishes that fit any interior design concept.


Its features include:

  • Paraline baffles are metal baffles with smooth access to the enclosed plenum.
  • Available in different system sizes with additional baffles, dimensions, and finishes. It depends on a project’s requirements.
  • An unequalled modern look that fits any interior design concept.
  • Available with an optional closing strip.
  • Available in plain and perforated patterns for acoustic performance.


USG ME Louna™ Baffle

This product introduces a new and unique design element to any space and is a striking addition whether installed throughout an entire room or just serves as a plus. This product is up to standards with the ASTM E1264.


Its features include:

  • An elegant acoustic solution made from stone wool for any space
  • Creates spacing in-ceiling designs.
  • Soft Fiber substrate with monolithic visual reduces installation time.
  • It can contain existing elements such as lighting and air conditioning.
  • Available in custom sizes and colours depending on the choice of the customer.


On A Final Note;

Our engineers, builders and project managers have a broad knowledge of the best product to use that can serve better and efficiently.


Our USG ME products are for airports and terminal buildings. If you need more information on more products for your projects, you can log on to our sites and find the ideal products.