When are Mineral Fibre ceilings better than Soft Fibre ceilings?

When are Mineral Fibre ceilings better than Soft Fibre ceilings?

When are Mineral Fibre ceilings better than Soft Fibre ceilings?

Mineral fibre ceilings are becoming more popular today. Although the term "mineral fibre ceiling" is not popular, that's because it's known as acoustic ceilings.


Upon the arrival of the mineral fibre ceiling, it possessed better features and properties than the existing gypsum and drywall.


With time, better alternatives came up, but mineral fibre still topped the list because it's more affordable.


Mineral fibre ceilings have sound-absorbing features because of the material it's made from. Extreme care and caution are required in handling the ceilings from manufacturing to installation.


On the other hand, soft fibre ceilings are produced with materials like fibreglass, polyester and soft fibre. It's a good choice for the ceiling, but the materials hinder it from performing up to mineral fibre ceilings. However, both mineral and soft fibre ceilings possess similar features like sound absorption features.


The mineral fibre and soft fibre ceilings have lots of properties in common, but one is made of tougher materials making it the best choice.


Mineral fibre ceilings are now more popular because of their performance. When you look around these days, you'll find that mineral fibre ceilings are installed everywhere. Offices, restaurants, cafes and what have you.


Wherever mineral fibre ceilings are installed, they change the environment’s aesthetics, have better acoustics, are moisture resistant, reflect light, and are easy to clean.


So, is mineral fibre ceiling better than soft fibre ceilings? Check out what distinguishes the mineral fibre ceiling from the soft fibre ceiling;


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Mineral fibre Vs Soft fibre Ceiling Performance


●     Acoustics

No matter the setting, noise is bad for any environment. Whether in a restaurant, a cafe, an office or a grocery store, noise is the one factor that is bad for business.


So, mineral fibre ceilings are designed to absorb sounds. Although soft fibre ceilings can achieve this, mineral fibre ceilings are more effective.


When it's installed, it reduces the echoes in that space, and it also reduces the noise that travels back and forth.


It offers privacy with its sound blocking features in settings like an office. So it's a good choice of the ceiling in places like an office, meeting spaces, classrooms and other environments.


For instance, in a classroom setting, students can enjoy better teaching sessions because the noise level has been dramatically reduced.


It also facilitates their learning process because noise creates stress and fatigue. So mineral fibre ceilings come in handy when it comes to sound absorption.


●     Light Reflectance

Mineral fibre ceilings have high light-reflective properties. Where the mineral fibre ceiling is installed, they create a better, brighter, more appealing atmosphere.


Soft fibres may not be able to contain and manage light reflection as effectively as the mineral fibre ceilings.


Its light-reflective property means that it reduces direct lighting and reflects it appealingly. The advantage of this property is that it reduces energy consumption.


And if it's used in a setting like a restaurant, it gives the restaurant a brighter space and more satisfied and happy clients.


●     Moisture-resistance

Mineral fibre ceilings are designed with advanced moisture resistance features. This feature protects your ceiling from mould, mildew, and sagging.


Its superior mould and mildew resistance property provides an antimicrobial treatment that helps to withstand moisture (mildew or mould) that may be lingering in the environment.


Meanwhile, soft fibre ceilings also possess this feature, but miners' fibre outperforms it in the long run.


Also, mineral fibre ceilings are recommended for environments prone to humidity.


●     Cleanability

Mineral fibre ceilings are designed to maintain their durability even after cleaning.


This ceiling could be used in places where it will require adequate cleaning. Ceilings used in labs, restaurants and salons require constant cleaning.


But some ceilings tend to lose their initial appearance after a cleaning session. Mineral fibre ceiling is designed differently to withstand the pressure. However, different mineral fibre ceiling products may need different cleaning methods.


On the other hand, soft fibre ceilings may not stand the test of time under continuous cleaning sessions. It may start to lose its beauty over time.


●     Fire Performance

Mineral fibre ceilings have undergone fire testing and have a Class A fire rating for flame and smoke spread. These ceilings can reduce the spread of fire until professional assistance arrives. Mineral fibre ceilings can be used in both commercial and residential settings.


The soft fibre ceilings also have fire-resistant features but come in different variations. This means that not all soft fibre ceilings are fire-resistant.




Are Mineral Fiber Ceiling Tiles Good for My Business?

You may be wondering if mineral fibre stands a good chance against soft fibre ceilings in your business. You may want to consider using ceiling tiles if you want to create a good impression on your customers and clients.


A business thrives depending on how clients perceive the environment to be. In every business organisation, customers want to feel like you have their best interest at heart; they want an environment that makes them feel appreciated.


Your environment speaks volumes about your business, and the type of ceiling you install defines your environment.

Ceilings can be the starting point in pressing your customers.


The interior decoration of your business indeed comprises different elements, but the ceiling is more significant. Mineral fibre ceilings are one decorating element that will leave a lasting impression on your customer's mind.


For a restaurant business setting, it could be a mineral fibre ceiling that compliments and reflects the cuisine’s culture and makes for the best dining experience.


Businesses that don't get regular clients or customers can still benefit from good ceilings. Installing good ceilings like the mineral fibre ceilings gives your work environment a professional feel. Good ceilings contribute to team spirit, and good team spirits make for better productivity.


Are Mineral Fiber Tiles Right for My Home?

The mineral fibre ceiling is a good choice of installation for the home. Not only is it cost-effective, but it also adds to the aesthetics of the home.


The ceiling can be used in different sections of the home. Its sound absorption properties offer privacy, and its Cass A fire resistance property comes in handy when there's a flame spread.


However, other ceiling options can be used in the home’s basement. Most of the time, water pipes in the basement pass through the ceilings, and when there's a leak, it can cause damage to the ceiling.


And although the mineral fibre ceiling is mildew and mould resistant, the basement has a high moisture level. The ceiling may not be able to withstand that much pressure.

The moulds and mildew can cause the ceiling to lose form and shape quickly.


The best ceiling choice for the basement should be a waterproof ceiling. A waterproof time can last longer under harsh basement conditions.


On a final note;

Mineral fibre ceiling is a good choice of ceiling for both official and home settings. The ceiling is easy to install, and it works well for sound absorption.


Installing a good mineral fibre ceiling is good; however, the main choice is in the product. USG Middle East SONATA Acoustic False Ceiling Tiles is a good choice of mineral fibre ceiling with all the features to perform.


Only the right product can benefit you from the mineral fibre ceiling.