Metal Framing

USG ME's Drywall Metal Framing revolutionizes gypsum board installation by providing accuracy and simplicity. Our metal wall framing products simplify installation, ensuring precision and efficiency. These eco-friendly metal parts are 100% recyclable, aligning with our commitment to sustainability and environmentally friendly solutions.
USG ME's extensive range includes deflection heads, curved tracks, bracings, corner beads, metal studding, and metal trims. These adaptable solutions cater to diverse construction demands, delivering superior results for interior walls, chase walls, and ceiling finishes. With our comprehensive line-up, builders can satisfy unique project requirements and ensure long-term durability, elevating their gypsum board installations.
USG ME's Drywall Framing Accessories are designed to meet modern construction norms and performance standards. Our comprehensive range offers solutions for durability, weather resistance, and installation simplicity. We provide all necessary fasteners and plasterboard accessories that not only protect projects from the weather but also offer comfort and easy installation. These accessories are adaptable, suitable for various finishes, coatings, indoor, and outdoor applications, ensuring the right fit for every construction need.
USG ME's Drywall Framing Accessories play a crucial role in enhancing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of construction projects. By offering durable, weather-resistant, and easy-to-install accessories, builders can save time and labor costs. Our range of accessories is not only affordable but also adaptable, making them suitable for a wide range of applications. With USG ME's leadership in plasterboard framing accessories, builders can elevate their projects efficiently and cost-effectively, ensuring high-quality results and client satisfaction.
USG ME's Drywall Ceiling Framing System enhances the stability and uniformity of ceiling installations through concealed frame technology. This system allows the creation of high-caliber gypsum board ceilings, including standard, fire-rated, and acoustic alternatives. The gypsum board ceiling suspension is crafted from galvanized metal components with varying zinc coating thicknesses, ensuring rust and corrosion concerns are eliminated, providing long-lasting and visually appealing ceilings.
USG ME's complete suspension system includes a range of accessories such as Drywall Suspension, Metal Furring, Perimeter Channels, Primary Channels, Furring Channels, and Drywall Shadow Angles. These components simplify drywall ceiling suspension projects, ensuring ease of installation and superior stability. By offering a comprehensive solution, USG ME helps builders save time and money on maintenance while achieving impeccable ceilings.
USG ME provides a broad selection of ceiling framing accessories, including hangers, deflection clips, suspension channels, screws, fixtures, aluminum profiles, and trims for suspended ceilings. These accessories are designed to work seamlessly with USG ME's grid systems, ensuring easy installation and completing the ceiling system for any given project. With a focus on quality and effectiveness, USG ME's value line of suspension accessories guarantees top-notch goods and services for builders' specific project needs.
USG ME's Drywall Ceiling Framing System offers significant advantages in terms of ease of installation and long-term performance. The system is designed for simplicity and efficiency, allowing for straightforward installation processes. The concealed frame technology ensures stability and uniformity, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of ceilings. With galvanized metal components and a variety of accessories tailored for specific needs, builders can rely on USG ME to provide a hassle-free and durable solution for their ceiling projects.
USG ME's Shaftwall Metal Framing system comprises CH Stud, Chase Wall Framing Components, J Runner/J Strut, and E Stud. These components are specifically designed for framing lift walls, stairwells, and vertical mechanical wall chases, making them essential for high-rise building construction.
USG ME's Shaftwall Metal Framing is made from sustainable materials, aligning with environmentally friendly construction practices. The system allows for the use of mould, moisture, and fire-resistant gypsum and cement boards, enhancing the building's durability and longevity while ensuring a reduced environmental impact.
Shaftwall Metal Framing is ideal for situations requiring both vertical and horizontal encasement, such as lift walls and stairwells. By utilizing a combination of mould, moisture, and fire-resistant gypsum and cement boards, the resulting walls are lighter and thinner yet strong enough to handle heavy lateral stresses. This construction method significantly improves acoustic performance in buildings.
USG ME's Shaftwall Metal Framing system ensures structural integrity in high-rise construction projects by providing sturdy and adaptable components. The system is engineered to handle heavy lateral stresses, making it ideal for challenging vertical and horizontal encasement situations. By using high-quality materials and innovative design, USG ME guarantees the reliability and stability of the framing system, ensuring the safety and longevity of the structure.
Builders and developers can benefit significantly from using USG ME's Shaftwall Metal Framing in their high-rise construction projects. The system offers adaptability, structural integrity, and exceptional acoustic qualities. Additionally, its sustainable design aligns with modern environmental standards, making it a choice that not only ensures a durable and reliable structure but also contributes to sustainable building practices, enhancing the overall value and quality of the project.
Absolutely. USG ME's Shaftwall Metal Framing system is rigorously tested and certified to meet the highest safety standards. It is tested as per UL 415, ensuring that the framing components adhere to strict guidelines for fire resistance and structural integrity. Builders and developers can have complete confidence in the safety and reliability of the Shaftwall Metal Framing system, making it an ideal choice for high-rise construction projects.