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Financial And Banking Solutions - USG ME

Financial And Banking Solutions USG ME

Have you been given a financial and banking building project? Are you looking for the right products to use to have a grand building? In this article, we will introduce you to our USG ME solutions, such as joint compound, that you can use for your financial and banking projects.

USG Middle East always offers superior performance on every job at every given time. Whether applying a finish coat, taping, installing a ceiling, or patching a crack, there are always USG ME products to meet your standards.

We will be looking at our products and services that can be used to erect an excellent financial and banking building project.


Interior Finishes Solutions  For Financial And Banking

USG ME offers the industry's broadest selection of finishing solutions for your financial and banking requirements. We also provide drywall compounds, beads, joint tapes, ceilings, and fire-resistant solutions.


USG ME Conventional Weight Joint Compounds

Our conventional weight joint compound provides professional-grade performance. It is recommended for laminating, installing, and repairing cracks in interior plaster and masonry that are not subject to moisture.

These excellent compounds feature outstanding cold bonds and open time and have slick and smooth properties that are not harmful to our bodies. Also, our joint compounds qualify as a low VOC emitting material.


USG ME Sheetrock All-Purpose Joint Compound

This all-purpose joint compound is an air-drying product that is suitable for all three coat applications or as a finishing coat for all plasterboard joint fasteners and angles heads.


It Features are;

  • It is used for interior drywall applications in your financial and banking projects.
  • It has excellent workability; it can be applied by hand or with any mechanical tool.
  • Minimal cleaning and mixing of tools.
  • It consists of an excellent surface for painting.
  • It can be hand sanded or with any mechanical sanding tools.


Safety Tips When Using USG ME All-Purpose Joint Compound.

  • Do not overmix. Overmixing can bring about air bubbles that can cause a surface imperfection.
  • Avoid over-thinning when adding water, as this may cause excessive shrinkage.
  • All surfaces must be clean and free from dust.
  • Always make sure to sand with care using 180 or 330 grit paper.


USG ME General Purpose Joint Compound

Its features include:

  • It is suitable for use in financial and banking projects.
  • It is the finest grade finishing compound.
  • It can be sanded with a mechanical tool.
  • It is used for all three coats to give your financial and banking projects an attractive look.
  • Excellent surface for painting.


Safety Tips

  • Thoroughly clean all tools before and after use.
  • The first coat must be used to bed a high-quality paper tape.
  • It must be allowed to dry thoroughly before recoating or sanding to give your financial and banking project a professional look.


USG ME Sheetrock Dust Control Joint Compound

This unique and smart formula agglomerates fine residue during sanding to form particles that fall to the floor instead of clouding the air, which is perfect for any commercial building.

Each job finishes more quickly and cleans up faster with less nuisance from airborne sanding.


Its Features and Advantages are;

  • It is used for embedding USG sheetrock brand paper joint tape while applying drywall filling and finishing coats.
  • It covers USG sheetrock brand corner beads & trims and fasteners.
  • It weighs 25% less than regulated compounds.
  • It has less shrinkage, which makes it great for remodelling your financial and banking projects.
  • It qualifies as a low VOC emitting material.


USG ME Setting Type Joint Compounds

Our product's quick set times allow for one-day drywall finishing and next-day decoration of the drywalls. Do well to allow our setting-type joint compounds set the pace for an outstanding financial and banking task.


Its Features;

  • It is an asbestos-free product.
  • It is suitable for use in EIFS systems which includes your financial and banking projects.
  • It has high flexibility and good bonding to the substrate.
  • It is specially formulated for cement board systems.


USG ME Sheetrock Brand Tuff-Hide Primer Surfacer

It is a dual-purpose latex-based coating specially designed for interior applications over drywall. Our tuff hide primer Surfacer can be left unpainted to produce a smooth finished surface.


Its Features Are;

  • It is an excellent choice for corporate buildings because it has a high build spray that gives a smoother and more iconic finish.
  • Its durable coatings hide minor surface defects.
  • It dries white; can be tinted to match the final top coat.
  • It achieves a level 5 finish faster and is only for professional use.



USG ME Grids and Suspensions For Financial And Banking Projects

Our grid system offers an aesthetically attractive option to traditional 5mm angle moulding. USG ME grid and suspension have set the standard, using the vital gauge steel to produce the strongest and tightest systems with the highest lateral and torsional stiffness.


USG ME Donn Brand Fineling Suspension System

  • It is ICC-E5 evaluated for seismic installations.
  • Our mitred intersection offers a clean and tailored appearance.
  • It reveals and accommodates partition attachment and pendant-mounted light fixtures.
  • It is a narrow profile, slotted grid system that comes with a reveal which provides streamlined appearances.
  • It is used for fire-rated interior and exterior general use areas.


USG ME Donn Brand Dxi Identitee Suspension System

  • Our products meet all national code requirements, including seismic.
  • It is compatible with the USG Logix integrated system.
  • Custom colours are available.
  • Low VOC emission.
  • Proprietary cap lance allows various coating options to meet unique project requirements like financial and banking projects.
  • Our identity suspension is available in metric and imperial sizes.


USG ME Ceiling Solutions For Financial And Banking Projects

Having over 35years of experience, we have an acoustic panel and special ceilings innovator that enhances the overall aesthetic of your financial and banking plan.

Our portfolio includes drywall ceilings, wood wool ceilings, mineral fibre ceilings, and much more.


USG ME Celebretto Hook-On

  • It offers configurable panel layouts and sizes that give the designer more freedom to construct.
  • All our panels are easily demountable without special tools, allowing easy access to the plenum for simple maintenance.
  • It is applicable in commercial spaces, offices and open halls.


USG Me Celebretto Intersecto

  • It has easy service integration.
  • All of its panels are demountable without the use of any special tool.
  • It is applicable in Airports, Financial and banking halls, office spaces, public areas and lecture halls.


On A Final Note;

Builders, architects and project managers can count on our broadest selection of products to consistently deliver quality.

Our products are perfect for corporate buildings and halls. If you need flawless designs for both interior and external purposes, log onto our site to see more options.