The Evolution of Drywall: From Gypsum to Greenboard and Beyond

The Evolution of Drywall: From Gypsum to Greenboard and Beyond

The Evolution of Drywall: From Gypsum to Greenboard and Beyond


In the late 19th century, gypsum board revolutionized construction by offering a faster and more efficient alternative to traditional lath and plaster walls. However, the story of drywall doesn't end there. As the construction industry embraces sustainability and environmental consciousness, drywall has evolved significantly, transitioning from traditional gypsum boards to specialized products catering to green building practices.

Green buildings, designed to minimize environmental impact and optimize resource efficiency, are crucial in reducing carbon emissions and promoting a healthier indoor environment. Using green materials, such as those derived from recycled content or with low VOC emissions, is a crucial aspect of green building projects. Drywall, a fundamental component of modern construction, has kept pace with these advancements, offering eco-friendly solutions.


At USG Middle East, we are highlighting three main products that have revolutionized the industry:

  • Sheetrock® All Purpose Joint Compound
  • Solidrock Fiber Cement Board
  • Sheetrock Brand Firecode Type C Gypsum Boards


Sheetrock® All Purpose Joint Compound: A Versatile Solution for Green Building

Sheetrock®, An all-purpose joint compound from USG Middle East, stands out as a versatile and highly-performing joint compound that is ideal for all stages of drywall finishing. With crack resistance and compliance with ASTM C475 standards, this compound ensures a durable and seamless finish for plasterboard joints, angles, and fastener heads. Its air-drying properties make it suitable for all three coat applications or as a finishing coat, providing contractors with a reliable solution for achieving professional results.

Its low VOC emissions make it a suitable choice for green building projects, contributing to improved indoor air quality and environmental sustainability. Beyond improvements in joint finishing, advancements in drywall materials have also led to the development of innovative boards with enhanced functionalities.


solidrock boards


Solidrock Fiber Cement Board: Durability and Sustainability Redefined

Solidrock® Fiber Cement Boards represent a modern approach to drywall construction, offering superior resistance against fire, termite, and moisture. Made from a blend of cement, cellulose fiber, and fire-resistant fillers, these boards are environmentally friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals like asbestos or formaldehyde. They are an excellent substitution for wood substrate solutions, providing durability and versatility for interior and exterior applications.

When used with Sheetrock® Base Compound or Sheetrock® Tuff-HideTM primer-surfacer, Solidrock Fiber Cement Boards ensure enhanced fastener concealment and a smooth surface finish ready for painting. Their sustainable composition and performance further contribute to green building initiatives.


sheetrock c type


Sheetrock Brand Firecode Type C Gypsum Boards: Safety and Sustainability Go Hand-in-Hand

USG Sheetrock® Brand Firecode® Type C Panels are engineered to enhance fire protection for ceiling installations. Featuring a noncombustible gypsum core wrapped in 100% recycled face and back papers, these boards offer superior fire resistance and structural strength. The tapered edges allow for seamless joint treatment, while the panels' UL Classified status ensures compliance with fire safety regulations. Additionally, these boards are Greenguard Gold certified, indicating low VOC emissions and environmental sustainability. By incorporating Sheetrock Brand Firecode Type C Gypsum Boards into green building projects, contractors and builders can achieve superior fire protection without compromising ecological responsibility.


The evolution of drywall from traditional gypsum boards to specialized products like greenboard and fiber cement boards has revolutionized the construction industry. Sheetrock® All Purpose Joint Compound, Solidrock Fiber Cement Board, and Sheetrock Brand Firecode Type C Gypsum Boards exemplify the advancements in drywall technology, offering contractors and builders versatile solutions for achieving durable, fire-resistant, and environmentally friendly construction materials. As the demand for high-performance building materials continues to rise, these innovative drywall products pave the way for safer, more sustainable construction practices, contributing to the ongoing transition towards green buildings and using green materials in the construction industry.