Twin Framing System Design Consideration for High Acoustic Performance

Twin Framing System Design Consideration for High Acoustic Performance

Twin Framing System Design Consideration for High Acoustic Performance

Many high-performance buildings today are designed to meet several objectives. Whether it is for aesthetics, sustainability, safety, energy efficiency, or circularity, the goal is to construct a building that will serve as shelter and meet the needs of the occupants. That’s where the twin framing system designs come in handy.


The focus is not only on the physical outlook of the building; the functionality is equally important for the occupant's experience. As a result, the building's acoustics plays a huge role as a crucial design element that influences the occupant's overall well-being and experience.


Why Acoustic Matters in Buildings?

In today's world, the construction of new structures- healthcare facilities, homes, offices, or more - increasingly undergoes rigorous processes. Although the aesthetics of these buildings matter, other factors are equally important, most especially the safety and comfortability of the occupants.


Hence, creating these high-performance buildings undergo a planning phase that involves design professionals and technical experts who consider the factors influencing the construction of the buildings.


Whether it is to create a quiet environment that promotes learning for students, a good recovery area for patients, or a productive environment for workers, it is essential to consider and implement the acoustic properties of space for its intended purpose. Implementing Twin Framing System designs help achieve this purpose.


As stated earlier, design professionals and technical experts often consider various factors before pushing through to the construction stage. One of the factors that often get underestimated is acoustics. On most occasions, the acoustic environment of a building affects the well-being of the occupants.


If nothing else matters within a building, noise does. It affects the physical and mental health of individuals occupying a particular space. As it affects the quality of life, it also influences the rate at which individuals enjoy the building.


For instance, studies have revealed that unwanted noise in a place such as a healthcare facility can affect the patients and the workers in the buildings. Here, the patients tend to suffer from high blood pressure, sleep disruption, elevated heart and respiration rate, hypertension, and an increased chance of being re-hospitalized.


As for the staff, unwanted noise can disturb their usual work routine - the intellectual activities and therapeutic processes. If exposed to excess noise, they tend to suffer from emotional disturbance, fatigue, work pressure, stress, and annoyance. That’s why at USG Middle East, we suggest using the twin framing system design for high acoustic performance.


Also, another study reveals the impact of unwanted noise on the population in general. According to the World Health Organization, at least one million healthy life-years are lost to environmental noise in Western Europe every year. As industrialization becomes evident among various countries across the globe, the need to shut out unwanted noise is becoming more necessary. After all, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends the maximum noise level in a building at 40 dB(A). Any level of noise exceeding the recommended guideline is considered unsafe for any occupant. Although design professionals utilize different acoustic materials to reduce noise in a building, an essential material that must not be underestimated is the twin framing system design.



The Twin Framing System Design for High Acoustic Performance

The twin framing systems are accessories utilized to support other materials to improve acoustic performance. At USG Middle East, we produce high-quality and sustainable metal framing systems that are recyclable and also meet the design of the building. Since we prioritize the safety and comfort of our consumers, we produce materials that meet international standards, improve acoustic performance, and deliver other vital benefits to various buildings.


Product Options

USG Middle East has successfully supplied various twin framing system designs for high acoustic performance over the years. Depending on diverse needs and specifications, different supplied metal framing system designs come in distinct features, each serving its purpose for different buildings.


The technological designs of these materials have advanced to provide many benefits such as the safety and comfortability of the occupants. Again, here are some examples of these efficient materials designed to meet your needs.


●     Drywall Partitions Metal Framing

The USG Middle East  drywall partitions metal framing products are designed from an environmentally friendly metal material to aid the installation of the plasterboard easier and faster. The products can be fully recycled and designed to promote sustainability when needed.


Besides, they meet a wide range of construction requirements utilized for high-quality internal wall and ceiling finishes. Some of the products and accessories that are produced in this category include but are not limited to runners, studs, curved tracks, deflection heads, bracings, metal trim, and corner beards. From the wide examples, you can simply select one that suits your building project.


●     Drywall Ceilings Metal Framing

USG Middle East also provides  drywall ceiling metal framing system with a uniform appearance and aids ceiling stability. It is made from galvanized metal components in varieties of thicknesses; it comes with a zinc coating that prevents rust and corrosion.


This framing system is designed to install high-quality regular, fire-rated, and acoustic gypsum board ceilings. These materials are designed to save time and reduce maintenance costs. Some of the accessories produced in this category include drywall suspension, furring channels, perimeter channels, primary channels, and other drywall ceiling suspension system parts.


●     Shaftwall Metal Framing

USG Middle East also provides shaft wall metal framing products to meet the needs of the market. In high-rise construction, all products are made from sustainable materials to create safe and durable Shaftwall elevators, stairwells, and vertical mechanical chases. This metal framing system can be applied in installing vertical and horizontal encasement.


With the help of technological advancements such as mold, moisture, fire-resistant gypsum, and cement boards, the outcome of using these products has thinner and lighter walls that are suitable for high lateral loads and improve acoustic performance. Some of the accessories produced include CH Stud, J Runner/J Strut, E Stud, and other Shaftwall Framing Systems.




USG Middle East produces a wide range of acoustic building materials to improve acoustic performance and long-term efficiency. Give us a call today to have a fantastic experience within your building and implement the twin framing system designs your project is lacking.