USG ME Celebretto Specialty Ceiling: High-Performance & Enhanced Design Freedom

USG ME Celebretto Specialty Ceiling: High-Performance & Enhanced Design Freedom

USG ME Celebretto Specialty Ceiling: High-Performance & Enhanced Design Freedom

Working with inferior materials can devalue your work. Building contractors, architects, and designers are seeking better, faster, less costly, and safer ways to build. This gives them design freedom.

USG ME's mission is to convey innovative designs that will encourage you to build better. USG ME specialty ceiling offers adequate acoustic performance and high-performance panels.


USG ME Celebretto Specialty Ceiling

USG ME Celebretto specialty ceiling delivers a unique extension of integrated ceiling systems, acoustic panels, and suspension systems.

High-performance ceilings that enhance design freedom and deliver an excellent acoustic performance.

USG ME Celebretto line targets to bring to life any building while deducting the construction industry's effect on our environment.

With our exquisite panel assembly that enhances design freedom, our panel also offer mould & moisture resistance, visible sag resistance, amazing aesthetics and a good lasting impression.

Our panels also have a high light-reflective finish that reduces the necessity for energy use and light fixtures and also helps maximize LEED recycled content assistance.


Celebretto Specialty Ceiling Types

  • Type III: Mineral base with painted finish.
  • Type IV: Mineral base with membrane-faced overlay.
  • Type X: Mineral base with plastic or Aluminum membrane.
  • Type XII: Glass fibre base with membrane faced.
  • Type XIII: Steel strip with glass fibre base infill.


Celebretto Ceiling Patterns: (C, D, E, F, G, I, K,)

  • C: Perforated
  • D: Fissured
  • E: Lightly Textured
  • F: Heavily textured
  • G: Smooth
  • I: Embossed
  • K: Surface scored


USG ME Celebretto Clip-In Metal Ceiling

This is a protected ceiling design that consists of optional wooden patterns & ideal perforation styles. It has a high sound attenuation and absorption level. Its finish is washable, durable, active, and easy to clean.

Its applications are; Malls, airports, health care, residential areas, and office and commercial buildings.


SBC: Class A

Panel Sizes

  • 300×300mm
  • 300×1200mm
  • 300×1500mm
  • 300×600mm
  • 600×1200mm
  • 1200×1200mm

Material Classification

  • Aluminium: TypeVII
  • Stainless steel: Type VI
  • Pattern: A, C, G
  • Galvanized Steel: Type V

LRC: 0.82


  • RAL 9010
  • RAL 9006
  • RAL 9016

Infill Options

  • Acoustical fleece
  • Acoustical fleece and glass wool
  • Plain
  • Acoustical fleece and mineral fibre

Thickness: 0.6-1.4mm

Height: 10mm, 20mm

Edge Detail Trim: Concealed (bevelled)

Scrubbability/washability as per ASTM D4828 & D2486: Exceeds 1000 wash/brush sessions without any surface break.


USG ME Celebretto Quadra Cell

This Quadra cell is an economic specialty ceiling that is recommended for commercial and residential designs. This ceiling can be quickly installed and has easy cleaning surfaces that guarantee design freedom.

It is available in two(2) designs T10 trackless & T15 lay-in ceiling. The T15 lay-In ceiling is easily accessible and comes in various modules and sizes.


USG ME T15 Lay-In And T10 Trackless System Specification 


Material Classification

  • Pattern: G
  • Aluminium: Type VII
  • Panel sizes: 600×600mm


  • Pre-painted Aluminium: 0.4mm
  • Powder coat finish: 0.4mm
  • Wooden finish: 0.6mm 

Module sizes: 50×50mm, 75×75mm, 100×100mm

Module Height: 30mm, 50mm, 60mm

Exposed module width: 10mm (trackless), 15mm for T15 lay-in

SBC: Class A

Sound absorption: 0.95

T15 Lay-In System Components

  • Suspension Accessories
  • T15 male profile
  • T15 female profile
  • T15 lay-in perimeter profile

Suspension system

  • Main Tee: 3600mm
  • Cross Tee: 1200mm
  • Cross Tee: 600mm
  • Perimeter wall angle

T10 Trackless System Components

  • Main carrier splice
  • Rod hanger
  • Butterfly clips(suspension accessories)
  • Two male profile
  • Two female profile
  • Cross carrier: 1200mm
  • Main carrier: 1800mm
  • Cross carrier: 600mm
  • Shadow-line wall angle




USG ME Celebretto Geometrix

This specialty ceiling has a panel depth of 70mm-200mm, which enhances design freedom. These panels are available in perforated or plain. It also has customized colours that allow versatile designs.

Its applications are; wall-to-wall ceilings, interior designs, commercial applications, or any new construction and renovation.


  • Geometrix panel
  • Suspension system
  • Hanging system
  • Wall angle


Pattern: A, C, G

Stainless steel: Type VI

Galvanised steel: Type V

Aluminium: Type VII


  • Powder coat finish: 0.6mm-1.4mm
  • Wooden coat finish: 0.6mm

Panel size: 600×600mm

Panel depth:7mm-200mm

Edge: Lay-In square edge

LRC: up to 0.82

SBC: Class A

Infill Option

  • Acoustical fleece and soft fibre
  • Acoustical fleece
  • Plain
  • Acoustical fleece and mineral fibre


USG ME Celebretto Island Hook-On 

Our island hook-on has different layouts and panels that can be configured to enhance design freedom.

The New Zealand seismic standard regulation approves of our ceilings and assures your project goes on successfully.


  • It has an optional gloss finish.
  • Customized colours and sizes are available when you place a request.
  • It consists of an anti-bacterial coating. 
  • Our perforation patterns will suit all your interior designs and also enhance future designs.
  • It comes with expanded mesh panels and embossed panels that cannot be jabbed.
  • Its applications are; convention halls, airports, malls, commercial areas and libraries.


  • Island hook-on panel
  • Hanging systems
  • Boltpan head
  • Middle panel
  • J-profile galvanised steel
  • Primary channel


Material classification

  • Galvanised steel: Type V
  • Stainless steel: Type VI
  • Aluminium: Type VII

Panel height: 40mm-200mm

Panel length: 2400mm

Panel width: 200mm-600mm

Light reflectance coefficient: 0.82


  • Wooden finish: 0.6mm
  • Powder coat finish: 0.6mm-1.4mm


USG ME Celebretto Intersecto

It is a high-performance ceiling that can be absorbed, disseminated, or evaluated when struck by a sound wave. It has a quality sound absorption rate that guarantees lesser noise from pumps, elevators or ventilation.


  • All its panels can be dismounted without the use of any hand or mechanical tool.
  • Its outstanding light reflectance enhances design freedom
  • It allows easy access to the plenum
  • This specialty ceiling reduces cooling costs and electrical output
  • Maintenance of this speciality ceiling is cheap.


  • Lay-In panels
  • Crossing box and panels
  • Suspension bracket 
  • Hanging systems

Infill Options

  • Plain
  • Acoustical fleece
  • Acoustical fleece and mineral fibre
  • Acoustical fleece and soft fibre


USG ME Halycon Black

This is an exceptional ceiling that has a good absorption level with NRC values. It is available in tightly sealed edges with aluminum material to help increase sound attenuation. Our halcyon black ceiling can be cleaned easily with a brush 

Material classification

Light reflectance coefficient(LR): 0.88

Noise reduction coefficient: 0.95

Flame spread: 25

Smoke development: 50

Weight: 1.7kg/m for 15mm

Type: XII

Pattern: E, G

Edge detail trim: Square

Reveal: SL, FL

Size: 19mm, 25mm, 38mm


  • 600×600
  • 600×1200
  • 600×1500
  • 600×1800
  • 300×1200
  • 300×1500
  • 300× 1800

Relevant LEED Credit

  • EA: credit 1
  • MR: credit 4
  • MR: credit 5
  • MR: credit 6
  • IEQ: credit 3
  • IEQ: credit 3.2
  • IEQ: credit 4.6
  • IEQ: credit 8.1
  • IEQ: credit 9

Washable and scrubbable finish: exceeds 1000 scrub and wash cycles.


On A Final Note; 

With our Celebretto specialty ceiling, you can redirect your dreams into a reality. Architects and building contractors rely on our products. Endeavour to make sure all your building projects have a touch of excellence.

Give us a call or visit our website to know better. Feel free to submerge yourself into an environment of unparalleled design.