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Mineral Fiber Acoustical Ceiling

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Athena Acoustical Ceiling

USG Athena Acoustical Ceilings are Fire-rated Painted Mineral Fiber Tiles offer NRC range from 0.65 to 0.7 and CAC range from 35 to 40. Available in ...

Chessboard Acoustical Ceiling

Chessboard is a fine non directional Face Cut acoustic false ceiling panels with 529 squares and shallow geometric square or linear face cuts ...

Clean Room™ Acoustical Ceiling

Designed for clean-room environment, these acoustic false ceiling panels are adhere to ISO Cleanroom Standard and sag-resistant.

Comet Line Acoustical Ceiling

These aesthetically pleasing acoustic false ceiling panels provide a fine directional Face Cut panels with shallow linear face cuts that enable the ...

Cross Fissured Acoustical Ceiling

Designed for economical all-purpose acoustic false ceiling pattern available in various panel sizes.

Designer Series Acoustical Ceiling

Designed for 360 ° non directional pattern with a fresh, clean appearance offers fast and economical acoustical false ceiling installation.

Favia Acoustic Acoustical Ceiling

Designed for mid-range sound absorption and sound attenuation which make the Acoustical False Ceiling Panels ideal for Schools, Corridors and general ...

Favia Acoustical Ceiling

Designed for High light reflectance acoustical false ceilings that can reduce the light fixtures needed and maintaining good indoor environmental ...

Frost™ Acoustical Ceiling

Providing light reflectance and sound control, these sag resistant panels are a durable, versatile choice for many environments

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