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Up-to 0.65NRC and 37CAC; Favia Acoustic Acoustical Ceilings are high-range sound attenuation and high-range sound absorption mineral fiber ceilings, they are appropriate for general commercial building to effectively reduce unwanted noise. High humidity resistance in ClimaPlus, simple trimming and installation, and suitability for situations requiring sporadic heating and cooling. 

Can be installed early on in the building program, if desired. It is available with options for fire-resistant systems that safeguard lives and property. 


Favia Acoustic Acoustical Ceilings meet the criterion for low emissions under the guidelines for the emission test. They are also following ASTM D5116 testing, and collaborative for High-Performance Schools (CHPS) standards. 



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Favia Acoustic Acoustical Ceiling features  

  • Micro-fissured non-directional pattern for a cleaner, whiter appearance. 
  • Elegant light-textured panels with high light reflectance. 
  • Mid-range sound absorption and sound attenuation which makes it ideal for schools, corridors, and general commercial stores. 
  • Meets the emission test criteria as low emitting per standards established by the 
  • Collaborative for High-Performance Schools (CHPS) and met ASTM D5116 testing requirement. 

Favia Acoustic Acoustical Ceiling applications 

  • Education 
  • Corridors and hallways 
  • Grocery stores 
  • Administration offices 
  • Rest Area 
  • Warehouse 


Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
FASR666 600x600mm 35 0.65
FASR669 600x600mm 37 0.55
FASR226 610x610mm 35 0.65
FASR229 610x610mm 37 0.55
FAS666 600x600mm 35 0.65
FAS669 600x600mm 37 0.55
FAS226 610x610mm 35 0.65
FAS229 610x610mm 37 0.55

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