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Sonata Healthcare Acoustical Ceiling

Create green healthcare facilities that will make even the shortest hospital visits more cheerful. 

In addition to producing a smooth, white appearance, Sonata Healthcare™ Acoustic's finish offers good levels of sound absorption and effective sound attenuation. 

A completely new idea for suspended ceiling systems is provided by the Sonata Healthcare™ Acoustical Ceiling. These tiles have the same appearance while offering varying degrees of sound attenuation. 


Additionally, exceptional sound insulation is accomplished: Sonata Healthcare™ Acoustical Ceiling provides exceptionally high performance for a suspended ceiling with an open void, with up to 40 dB room-to-room attenuation. 


According to the standard NF S 90-351: 2013, Sonata Healthcare™ Acoustical Ceilings microbiological class is as follows: M1 / area 4 (Staphylococcus aureus MRSA, Bacillus cereus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans), M100 / area 2 (Acinobacter baumannii), 1 / area 2,3,4 (Aspergillus brasiliensis). 


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  • Anti-Mold & Mildew

  • Fire Resistant

  • Sag Resistance



Sonata Healthcare™ Acoustical Ceiling features

  • Sonata Healthcare™ in normal condition face and back is ISO 4 according to the norm ISO 14644-1 : 2015. 
  • Sonata Healthcare™ microbiological class according to the norm NF S 90-351 : 2013 is as follows: M100 / area 2 (Acinobacter baumannii), M1 / area 4 (Staphylococcus aureus MRSA, Bacillus cereus, Streptococcus pneumoniae, Escherichia coli, Candida albicans), <1 / area 2,3,4 (Aspergillus brasiliensis). 
  • Recommended to be used with AXCE grid (gasketed tee flanges) for restricted and semi-restricted areas in hospitals, 
  • Balanced Acoustics. High-NRC and High-CAC that provides balance to room acoustics and sound attenuation. 
  • Excellent combination of noise reduction (up to NRC-0.80) and sound attenuation (up to CAC-40). 
  • Complies as per 2018 FGI Guidelines   
  • Sonata Healthcare™ fulfills the formaldehyde emissions in accordance with EN 717-1 and achieve Class E1. 
  • High Impact and scratch resistance, durable and cleanable surface. 
  • Rated as Class 10 for mold prevention application as per ASTM D3273. 


Sonata Healthcare™ Acoustical Ceiling applications  

  • Central sterile supply 
  • Class 1 MRI and imaging rooms 
  • Class 2 MRI & imaging rooms 
  • Clean corridors 
  • Corridors 
  • Decontamination rooms 
  • Endoscope processing rooms 
  • Laboratories 
  • Laundry areas 
  • Nurse’s stations 
  • Patient rooms 
  • Pharmacies 
  • Treatment and procedure rooms 


Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
SCXRF629HC 600x1200mm 37 0.75
SCXRF669HC 600x600mm 37 0.75
SCXRF6622HC 600x600mm 40 0.8
SCXRF249HC 610x1220mm 37 0.75
SCXRF229HC 610x610mm 37 0.75
SCXRF2222HC 610x610mm 40 0.8
SCXR629HC 600x1200mm 37 0.75
SCXR669HC 600x600mm 37 0.75
SCXR6622HC 600x600mm 40 0.8
SCXR249HC 610x1220mm 37 0.75
SCXR229HC 610x610mm 37 0.75
SCXR2222HC 610x610mm 40 0.8
SCX629HC 600x1200mm 37 0.75
SCX669HC 600x600mm 37 0.75
SCX6622HC 600x600mm 40 0.8
SCX249HC 610x1220mm 37 0.75
SCX229HC 610x610mm 37 0.75
SCX2222HC 610x610mm 40 0.8

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