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Cross Fissured Acoustical Ceiling Systems are designed as a versatile, cost-effective artificial ceiling pattern that comes in several panel sizes. 


A versatile, cost-effective ceiling pattern is offered in 600*600 and 600*1200mm panel sizes. A more affordable option to smooth panels, Cross Fissured Acoustical Ceiling Panels are intended for use in administrative offices, hallways, mass merchandisers, and convenience stores. 


USG ME Cross Fissured Acoustical Ceiling tiles are a versatile, all-purpose medium textured ceiling pattern that is affordable and cost-effective. They are simple to clean with a gentle brush or a vacuum. Cross Fissured Acoustical Ceiling Panels have a Class A sound absorption rating of 0.60, a Class A sound attenuation rating of 37, a Class A light reflection rating of up to 0.82, and a Class A recycled content rating of 56%. The corridors, mass merchandisers, convenience stores, and administrative offices are the perfect places for these versatile, cost-effective ceiling pattern tiles. 


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  • Anti-Mold & Mildew

  • Fire Resistant

  • Sag Resistance



Cross Fissured Acoustical Ceiling features 

  • Economical, all-purpose ceiling pattern available in various panel sizes. 
  • Directionally fissured panels are an excellent choice for large ceiling areas. 
  • Mid-range sound absorption and sound attenuation for a flexible office layout, making it ideal for schools, corridors, and general commercial stores where privacy is not an issue. 
  • Optional FIRECODE™ formulation designed to meet life safety codes. 
  • Meets the emission test criteria as low emitting per standards established by the 
  • Collaborative for High-Performance Schools (CHPS) and following ASTM D5116 testing method. 
  • Fifth Avenue ceiling panels are medium-textured, commercial-grade acoustical panels with directional fissures. 
  • Excellent, versatile, and affordable panels with good acoustical qualities are produced using a water-felted production process. 
  • Fissured™ Basic Acoustical Ceiling Panels offer a low-emitting panel at an affordable cost. 


Cross Fissured Acoustical Ceiling applications

  • Education 
  • Corridors and hallways 
  • Mass merchandisers 
  • Convenience stores 
  • Mezzanine and basement 
  • Warehouse 



Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
CFCR665 600x600mm 35 0.5
CFSR665 600x600mm 35 0.5
CFXR665 600x600mm 35 0.5
CFSR669 600x600mm 37 0.6
CFCR225 610x610mm 35 0.5
CFSR225 610x610mm 35 0.5
CFXR225 610x610mm 35 0.5
CFSR229 610x610mm 37 0.6
CFC625 600x1200mm 35 0.5
CFC665 600x600mm 35 0.5
CFS665 600x600mm 35 0.5
CFX665 600x600mm 35 0.5
CFS669 600x600mm 37 0.6
CFX669 600x600mm 37 0.6
CFC245 610x1220mm 35 0.5
CFC225 610x610mm 35 0.5
CFS225 610x610mm 35 0.5
CFX225 610x610mm 35 0.5
CFS229 610x610mm 37 0.6
CFX229 610x610mm 37 0.6

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