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USG Securock® Brand Glass-Mat Sheathing Regular is moisture- and mold-resistant panel designed for use in high wet areas and under exterior claddings where conventional gypsum sheathing products have traditionally been used, such as brick veneer, properly detailed Exterior Insulation Finish Systems (EIFS), Direct-applied Exterior Finishing System (DEFS), metal panel finishing, clapboard siding, shingle siding, shake siding and conventional stucco 

Regular glass-mat sheathing panels with mold and moisture protection are known as Securock® Brand Glass-Mat Sheathing. To maximize coverage of air/water barrier systems, the panels have a non-combustible, moisture-resistant gypsum core that is encased in a coated fiberglass facer mat.  

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  • Moisture Resistant

  • Mold Resistant

  • Water Resistant



Securock Brand Glass Mat Sheathing Regular features:

  • 12.7mm treated gypsum core, combined with fiberglass face and back, offers exceptional water resistance  
  • High resistance to mold and mildew, scoring a 10 (highest) when tested in accordance with ASTM D3273. Glass-Mat Sheathing facer on both sides’ sheds water  
  • Quick score and snap, with neither sawing or special tools nor rapid screws or nail attachments required  
  • For use in most exterior systems when properly detailed by exterior finish manufacturer 
  • Meets or exceeds the requirements of ASTM C1177  
  • Can be exposed to weather for up to 12 months after application.  
  • USG Securock® Glass-Mat Sheathing Regular is guaranteed for five years against manufacturing defects and for 12 months of weather exposure. 

Securock Brand Glass Mat Sheathing Regular applications:

  • Exterior Cladding 
  • High moisture areas 
  • Commercial or residential applications where water resistant panels with greater resistance to surface abrasion, indentation and impact damage are required  
  • Areas where glass-mat panels are desired  
  • Load-bearing and non-load-bearing steel-framed fire-rated walls 
  • New or repair and remodel construction 
Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
221655450 1220x2440mm
221656 1220x2440mm
221658440 1220x2440mm

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