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Perforated Gypsum Board - Q9

Skyrock Ecoblock Acoustical Gypsum Board Square Perforation Q9 (9mm square holes) 22.6% open area is made of a specially formulated core that is encased in recycled face and back liner papers and punched with engineering precision before being laminated with a non-woven acoustic mat on the back, making it perfect for a variety of sound absorption applications and aesthetics. 



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  • High NRC

  • Surface Burning Characteristics Per Astm E84



Skyrock Ecoblock - Q9 Gypsum Ceiling features

  • 22.6% Open are 
  • Great Aesthetics, Excellent Noise Absorption 
  • Tested to achieve 0.70 NRC (Noise Reduction Coefficient) as per ASTM C423 
  • Recessed edges allow for finishing to a flat and seamless ceiling or wall 
  • Complies with E84 for classification for fire propagation and surface flame spread 
  • Performance: Manufactured in a range of configurations to satisfy a multitude of desired aesthetic designs. 
  • Acoustic Performance: Superior NRC capabilities up-to 0.70. 
  • Easy to Install: Scores and snaps easily. Similar installation to conventional plasterboard 


Skyrock Ecoblock - Q9 Gypsum Ceiling applications

  • Commercial, office and residential applications  
  • Retail complexes  
  • Large scale cinema spaces  
  • Public venues such as concert halls, auditoriums and sporting venues, schools, universities and lecture halls  
  • Schools, universities and lecture halls  
  • Hotel lobbies and conference  

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