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Under high pressure steaming and cutting, the Skylite™ Acoustic Mineral Fiber Acoustical Ceiling is produced using composite fiber and mineral wool of the highest quality as its principal raw materials. 

It performs well in terms of non-combustibility, heat insulation, and decoration, as well as fire and sound absorption. 

The R6 perforated design, which satisfies the growing demand for strong sound control with a contemporary style, leaves the surface generally devoid of regular pores. 

Skylite™ Acoustic Acoustical Ceiling Tiles are ideal for educational buildings and institutions because of its strong humidity resistance and great use for important lighting applications requiring high light reflection. Skylite™ Acoustic Acoustical Ceiling tiles are suitable also for offices that require high sound control. Since it has high NRC, CAC, light reflectance, and LEED® qualities. 


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  • Anti-Mold & Mildew

  • Fire Resistant

  • Sag Resistance



Skylite™ Acoustic Acoustical Ceiling features

  • Special R6 wetfleted perforated design meets the growing demand for high sound control ceiling panels with a modern and stylish look. 
  • Balanced Acoustics. High-NRC and High-CAC. 
  • Excellent combination of noise reduction (up to NRC-0.70) and sound attenuation (up to CAC-39). 
  • Excellent for critical lighting applications that require High Light Reflectance (0.89). 
  • High Humidity Resistance up to RH-95%. 
  • Produced in HRC (High Recycled Content) for optimized recycled content formulations to help maximize LEED® recycled content contribution and high sound absorption. 
  • Ideal solutions for educational facilities and offices. 


Skylite™ Acoustic Acoustical Ceiling applications

  • Classrooms 
  • Offices 
  • Reception and lobby areas 
  • Restaurant and cafe 
  • Sports hall 
  • Shopping centers 


Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
SKACRF629-R6 600x1200mm 39 0.7
SKARF629-R6 600x1200mm 39 0.7
SKACRF669-R6 600x600mm 39 0.7
SKARF669-R6 600x600mm 39 0.7
SKACRF249-R6 610x1220mm 39 0.7
SKARF249-R6 610x1220mm 39 0.7
SKACRF229-R6 610x610mm 39 0.7
SKARF229-R6 610x610mm 39 0.7
SKACR629-R6 600x1200mm 39 0.7
SKAR629-R6 600x1200mm 39 0.7
SKACR669-R6 600x600mm 39 0.7
SKAR669-R6 600x600mm 39 0.7
SKACR249-R6 610x1220mm 39 0.7
SKAR249-R6 610x1220mm 39 0.7
SKACR229-R6 610x610mm 39 0.7
SKAR229-R6 610x610mm 39 0.7
SKA629-R6 600x1200mm 39 0.7
SKAC629-R6 600x1200mm 39 0.7
SKA669-R6 600x600mm 39 0.7
SKAC669-R6 600x600mm 39 0.7
SKA249-R6 610x1220mm 39 0.7
SKAC249-R6 610x1220mm 39 0.7
SKA229-R6 610x610mm 39 0.7
SKAC229-R6 610x610mm 39 0.7

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