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In shaftwall assemblies, J Runner for the shaftwall is used at the floor and ceiling. The top and bottom J-runners are friction-fit with studs and gypsum shaftliner panels. J-Runner had different sized flanges. Installed up against the shaft is the longer flange. The flange acts as a backstop to make it simple to place the liner panel.

All J-Runners are produced from hot-dipped galvanized steel in standard G40 coating. G60 is available upon special request.

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Shaftwall J Runner Framing Systems features

  • Tested and confirmed for shaftwall assemblies
  • Different sized flanges
  • Provides maximum flexibility to choose from a variety of options.


Shaftwall J Runner Framing Systems application

Used to build horizontal shaft walls, ceilings, services risers, air return shafts, stair shafts, elevator shafts, and mechanical shafts.

Item Size Color Edges Cac Nrc Thickness
JR1030-509R16 10x50x30mm
400JR-23 25x102x50mm
400JR-24 25x102x50mm
400JR-32 25x102x50mm
400JR-34 25x102x50mm
400JR-48 25x102x50mm
400JR-58 25x102x50mm
600JR-23 25x152x50mm
600JR-24 25x152x50mm
600JR-32 25x152x50mm
600JR-34 25x152x50mm
600JR-48 25x152x50mm
600JR-58 25x152x50mm
212JR-23 25x63x50mm
212JR-24 25x63x50mm
212JR-32 25x63x50mm
212JR-34 25x63x50mm
212JR-48 25x63x50mm
212JR-58 25x63x50mm
212JS2-78 50x63x76mm

Shaftwall Installation

Ceiling Specification Format (CSI)
Installation Guide
Sustainability tool