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Acoustic Isolation Hanger

USG ME Acoustic Isolation Hanger is a strong bracket in various shapes and dimensions of which the upper or lower horizontal part presents an inserted Anti-Vibrate Rubber part disposing of an internal 8mm threaded rod distancing to a max.

The USG ME Acoustic Isolation Hanger is designed to decouple wall framing and ceiling systems. The resilient Anti-Vibration rubber used in the Hanger, absorb energy and improve STC (airborne) and llC (impact) acoustic ratings.

The Hangers used in a variety of wall and ceiling applications, where structural support combined with vibration isolation is required.

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  • The anti-vibration rubber support is the ideal solution for vibration problems caused by low weigh machines. In addition, it is a great solution for the anti-vibration support of low axial loads.
  • The antivibration rubber provides a greater deflection with load. It can be screwed with an anchor into the floor, or it can be suspended on the ceiling through anchor rods or even be placed on a metal base with a passing through screw of MB mm.
  • These screws do not create any sound bridge due to their innovative design.
  • Physical Properties
    • Main body
      • Mild steel to DIN EN 10111/10051 protected by zinc plate to DIN 50961
        A hole 14 mm on the top and a thread M6 hole at the bottom
    • Vibration isolator
      • Special rubber pad
  • Applications
    • Cinemas theaters
    • Auditorium
    • Radio studios
    • Air condition unit
    • Ventilators, etc.
  • Installation
    • Various hanger assemblies can be installed such as the internally threaded Phonic U Bracket inserted as a vibration break between two threaded rods or as a direct support for the primary channel of the USG Middle East ceiling system avoiding the use of multiple intermediary brackets.
    • The USG Acoustic Isolation Hanger is used for the USG Middle East acoustic ceiling consisting of multiple layers of 15.9mm USG gypsum boards screw fixed to USG Middle East furring channels on primary channels and backed with a low density 100 mm fiber glass blanket.

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