USG ME Celebretto Specialty Ceiling: Colours Have An Impact On Our Happiness

USG ME Celebretto Specialty Ceiling: Colours Have An Impact On Our Happiness

USG ME Celebretto Specialty Ceiling: Colours Have An Impact On Our Happiness

Do you know that our emotions and colours are closely related? Colours can trigger happiness in us and can also make us feel unhappy. Being around dull and faded colours can dampen your mood. Ceiling colours are very important to consider during the construction phase.

USG ME understands the psychological effect/role colours play in our happiness. Our numerous hues can boost your mood now and then. You can ask for any customized colour you prefer and we will make it available.

All humans are visual beings. As we travel around the world, different colours pass before our eyes and then send either good, calm, or bad signals. Colours play an extraordinary function in how we respond to happenings around us.

The choice of colour we choose affects how we think, feel, and react to a particular product. USG ME assists different building construction to select the right colour, texture, ambience and lighting for their project.

Note that our specialty ceilings do not contain any harmful substance that can damage your health. Substances like carcinogens and asbestos are dangerous to inhale. We make sure all our products are free from these toxic elements.


USG ME Celebretto Specialty Ceilings

USG ME Celebretto specialty ceiling comes in different arrays of impressive colours, finishes, and patterns to pick from. Our colours make you feel happy, and energized and also prepare your interiors to look inviting and accommodating.

Our Celebretto ceilings create a surrounding for relaxation which in turn has an impact on our happiness. If you are thinking of changing the interiors of your home or office, make sure to use our Celebretto specialty ceilings. It is definitely worth it.

With our specific colours, we can increase concentration and relaxation in any environment. Remember using the wrong colours can dampen your mood or wear out your project.




USG ME Celebretto Metal Canopies

This specialty ceiling comes with ornamental wafting components that can be configured to different sizes and shapes. It has a broad span of interior & exterior finishes, and sophisticated colours that will have a lasting impact on your happiness.

This specialty ceiling can be installed effortlessly, which makes it suitable to provide acoustical influence and accentuate visibility.

This ceiling system configuration comes in different shapes; square, rectangle, hexagon, parallelogram, and trapezoid.


Components And Specifications

Its components consist of; a metal canopy, slotted track, and suspension system.



Excellent sound absorption rate with NRC values of 0.90

Panel Thickness

Wooden finish: 0.6mm

Powder coat: 0.6mm-1.4mm

Panel Height



Material Classification

  • Galvanized steel: Type V
  • Aluminium: Type VII
  • Stainless Steel: Type VI
  • Pattern: A, C, G

Standard burning characteristics: Class A

Light reflectance coefficient (LRC): up to 0.82

Infill Option

  • Plain
  • Acoustical fleece and Soft fibre
  • Acoustical fleece and Mineral fibre
  • Acoustical fleece

Note: The thickness of each panel depends on the project needs, and if you need extra panels, do well to consult our factory.


USG ME Celebretto Expanded Metal Mesh Ceiling

This unique specialty ceiling is gaining popularity amongst professional designers. This is because of its unique industrial look. They are mostly available in both hook-on and lay-on systems.

Our Celebretto mesh ceiling comes in many mesh colours and patterns which gives your interior a more dignified look. It is ideal for use in smoke extraction and still improves the acoustic performance of any building.


Components For Hook-on Systems

  • Hook-on panel bottom
  • Hook-on panel top
  • J-profile
  • Hanging system
  • Primary channel
  • J-bracket hanging bracket


Components For Lay-On systems

  • Mesh ceiling panel
  • Hanging system
  • Suspension system(Donn brand)



Panel sizes

300×300mm, 300×1200mm, 300×1500mm, 600×600mm, 600×1200mm


The main colours are; RAL 9005, RAL 9006, and RAL 9016

Thickness: 1.5mm-3mm


Lay-On: 20mm-30mm

Hook-On: 40mm-200mm

Infill Option

  • Soft fibre(optional)
  • Mineral fibre(optional)

Standard burning characteristics as per ASTM E 84: Class A

Note: Other unique colours are made available upon request.


USG ME Celebretto Snap-In(Hinge down)

This is an accessible cassette specialty ceiling that comes with an acoustic feat which utilizes different sound-absorbing infill components.

Its customized and regular perforations patterns are made accessible to build unique optical patterns. Our Celebretto snap-in ceiling can be easily installed with our USG Donn Brand DXF Fine line acoustical suspension system.

It can be applied to wall-to-wall ceilings, renovation projects, interior ceilings, etc.


  • DXF Grid
  • Snap-In panel
  • Hanging system


Panel height: 200mm

Panel size: 600×600mm


Material Classification

  • Aluminum: Type VII
  • Pattern: A, C, G
  • Galvanized steel: Type V
  • Stainless Steel: Type VI


Infill Options

  • Soft fibre
  • Plain
  • Mineral fibre
  • Gypsum tile
  • Acoustical fleece




Powder coat finish: 1.4mm

Wooden finish: 0.6mm

Light reflectance coefficient: 0.82

Color: RAL 9016, RAL 9006, RAL 9010

Standard Burning Characteristics: Class A

Note: Additional wooden patterns, RAL colours, and backers are made available upon request and for CAC & NRC total acoustical actions.


USG ME Celebretto Lay-In Metal Ceiling

This specialty ceiling has a broad aspect of wooden patterns and unique perforation patterns. It has a polyester powder finish that is durable and washable.

This ceiling is easy to clean, thereby allowing easy passage for service sustenance. It is recyclable and environmentally friendly, making it ideal to use in malls, residential areas, health care, kitchen, etc.



  • DX/DLX SL edge
  • DXT/DXT FL edge
  • T24 Lay-In panel detail
  • DXF FL edge
  • DXI FL edge
  • T15 Lay-in panel
  • T24 Lay-on panel


Panel sizes




Panel Thickness: 0.5-1.4mm

Panel Height: 10mm, 20mm


Material classification

  • Galvanized steel: Type V
  • Aluminum: Type VII
  • Pattern: A, C, G
  • Stainless Steel: Type VI


Standard Burning Characteristics: Class A

Edge Detail Trim: Reveal(SL, FL)

Light reflectance coefficient: 0.82


  • RAL 9016
  • RAL 9006
  • RAL 9010


Infill Options

  • Acoustical fleece
  • Plain
  • Acoustical fleece and glass wool
  • Acoustical fleece and mineral fibre


Scrubbability/washability as per ASTM D4828 & D2486: Exceeds 1000 scrub/wash cycles without abrasion.


Relevant LEED credit

  • EA: Credit 1
  • MR: Credit 4
  • MR: Credit 5
  • MR: Credit 6
  • IEQ: Credit 3
  • IEQ: Credit 3.2
  • IEQ: Credit 4.6
  • IEQ: Credit 8.1
  • IEQ: Credit 9


On A Final Note;

Colour sends a strong message through our eyes, and these messages can send signals that influence our reactions and moods. Using the right colours will always have an impact on our happiness.

USG ME Celebretto specialty ceilings colours will always make your building look vibrant, and cheerful, and also stamps a lasting impression on your visitors.

You can send a message to us via our social media handles or visit our website to get more enlightened on our products.