USG ME Celebretto Specialty Ceiling: Using Designs Standards To Improve Health And Wellness

USG ME Celebretto Specialty Ceiling: Using Designs Standards To Improve Health And Wellness

USG ME Celebretto Specialty Ceiling: Using Designs Standards To Improve Health And Wellness

Health and wellness are top factors to consider when it comes to the construction of buildings. Poor light, volatile organic compounds, and bad ventilation can cause unpleasant symptoms such as cold, dry skin, headaches, dry eyes, etc. USG ME Celebretto Speciality Ceiling will help with these issues.

Most people prefer to spend most of their time indoors mostly because of the various health hazards outside. When it comes to health and wellness, the quality of air in your home or environment is much more important than the air outside.

Being outside 24/7 affects our health reasons because there are a lot of airborne diseases and pollution outside. A better temperature indoors helps reduce illnesses and airborne diseases.

Excess noise also affects our health and wellness. There are quite several health issues related to excessive noise. They include; high blood pressure, increase cholesterol levels, increase heart rate, etc

This time value is the period it takes for an installation to emit ammonia, VOC(volatile organic compounds) and formaldehyde. It is usually based on irritation points for the eyes, offensive odour, and all regular room concerns.

The condition of air in our homes and environment is affected by the quality of the building materials used, air conditioning, ventilation, and heating.


USG ME Celebretto Specialty Ceiling

USG ME celebretto specialty ceilings do not include carcinogens, mutagens, asbestos, and any other toxic substance. That's why it is important to figure out the indoor-related time value.

This is the reason why USG ME celebretto specialty ceilings have an excellent ceiling design and construction that helps improve the health and wellness of everyone.

USG ME celebretto specialty ceilings have been evaluated to have minimal effect on indoor air quality. When our ceilings are installed in furnished rooms with less fresh air coming in, the concentrated formaldehyde & VOCs are dropped below adequate degrees.

Some dust particles can harm our health, which is why our ceilings come with a water and dust repellent coating. This coating is durable and easy to clean with the right disinfectant.

USG ME Celebretto ceiling surpasses FGI guidelines for health and wellness application and also meets USDA/FIS rules used in food processing areas. It also meets FDA standards for being durable and smooth.

USG ME celebretto ceiling panels encourage healthy living which abides by stringent international standards.


USG ME Celebretto Corridor System Hook-On

This is an available range ceiling that eradicates the use of vertical hangers & threaded rods. Its access to the ceiling chasm allows for easy maintenance.

It is recommended for use in corridors that have thickened MEP fixtures. Installation of this corridor system is easy and can be applied in residential buildings, hotels, hospitals, and schools.

It has a high sound absorption rate and an excellent ceiling attenuation class result.


USG ME Celebretto Corridor Ceiling System Components And Specification


  • J-profile (galvanised steel)- H-51mm, 2400mm.
  • Corridor ceiling panel; bottom and top view.
  • Angle bar
  • Bolt pan head: 4.8×16mm
  • Z-profile(galvanized steel): 27.50×15×27.50mm.
  • L-2400mm


Material Classification

  • Galvanized steel: Type V
  • Aluminium: Type VII
  • Pattern: A, C, G
  • Stainless steel: Type VI
  • Panel width: 200-600mm
  • Panel length: 2400mm
  • Panel height: 40mm-200mm
  • Optional edge: 3mm black gasket
  • Light reflectance coefficient: This is based on its perforation pattern and finishes colour. LR is up to 0.82


  • Powder coat finish: 0.6-1.4mm
  • Wooden finish: 0.6mm

It has an extra backer option that is available for CAC and NRC enhanced equal acoustical performance. Its infill options come in plain, acoustical fleece, acoustical fleece soft fibre, and acoustical fleece and mineral fibre.


USG ME Celebretto Strip Ceiling

This is a reinforced NRC performance ceiling that comes with additional acoustical support. Its regular and customized perforation patterns are made available to design various observable patterns.

This strip ceiling has modern strip panels that deliver excellent acoustics and aesthetics. Different mounting patterns are made ready to assure any installation requirements.

Some installation arrangements can be closed gaps, concealed, curved edges with filler strips, or curved edges. It has a high sound absorption rate that makes it applicable in public areas, interior spaces, restrooms, corridors, etc.


USG ME Celebretto Strip Ceiling Components and Specifications

Components: panel & connector, carrying channel & connector, and hanging system.



  • Prepainted galvanized steel: 0.5mm-0.7mm
  • Prepainted Aluminum: 0.6mm-1.0mm
  • Wooden finish: 0.6mm
  • Powder-coated finish: 0.6mm-1.0mm
  • LRC: up to 0.82
  • Surface burning characteristics(SBC) as per ASTM E 84: Class A


  • Panel width: 80mm-200mm
  • Panel length: prepainted and wood finish: up to 6mm
  • Powder-coated: up to 3.5mm
  • Panel height: 20mm-180mm

Material Classification

  • Stainless steel: Type VI
  • Aluminium: Type VII
  • Galvanized steel: Type V
  • Pattern: G


The main colours are; RAL9006, RAL9010, and RAL 9016. Other colours are made attainable upon request.

Its acoustical fleece infill option comes with an NRC(sound absorption) of 0.75. Also, the acoustical fleece & 19mm soft fibre infill option sound absorption is 0.90.


baffles paraline


USG ME Celebretto Paraline Baffles

This specialty ceiling is metal baffles with quick access to the fastened plenum. They can be fixed onto a subsisting ceiling or hanging suspension system.

Its distinctive look fits any interior design based on any project requirement. It is made available in different system sizes with unique baffles, plain & perforated patterns for acoustic performance, and a closing strip that is optional.

The metal baffle is fixed together with a linear strip ceiling to upgrade the aesthetics of any place.


  • Metal carrying channel & connector
  • C-Channel bracket
  • Paraline baffles
  • End Cap & connector
  • Closing Strip
  • Hanging system
  • Baffle connecting splice


Colour: RAL 9016, RAL 9010, RAL 9006


Width: 30mm, 40mm, 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm.

Height: 50mm, 80mm, 100mm, 150mm, 200mm.

Length: 2400mm


Wooden finish: 0.6mm

Powder coat: 0.6mm-1.4mm

LRC: 0.82

Material Classification

  • Pattern: A, C, G
  • Galvanized steel: Type V
  • Aluminium: Type VII
  • Stainless steel: Type VI
  • SBC as per ASTM E 84: Class A
  • Infill options: Plain, acoustical fleece, acoustical fleece and soft fibre.

Remember that the recommended spacing should be equal to the height of the baffle. Also, its thickness lies on the panel size and project needs.

One thing to note is that its thickness depends entirely on the panel sizes, you can consult our factory for other panel widths and lengths.


On A Final Note;

As you know, the state of a ceiling determines the effect it has on people. Our exquisite celebretto ceilings offer quick and less cost-effective ways to improve human health and wellness

Our celebretto specialty ceilings have an antibacterial coating that provides durable preservation against harmful bacteria, material degradation, and bad odour, and also reduces stains.